Momentum for Change Advisory Panel


Ramiro Fernandez

Fundación Avina

Ramiro Fernández is Director of Climate Change at Fundación Avina. For over 15 years he has worked together with allied organizations to promote public-private partnerships towards sustainable development in Latin America.

Since 2008, he has lead the startup of Avina's Energy Strategy in the Region, strengthening a diverse variety of stakeholders, working with them to introduce significant changes in the legislation of renewable energy policies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. In Chile, some of these initiatives were part of a broader strategy which led the Government and opposite parties to shift their energy policy and programs towards long term energy policy planning. This process was fully incorporated in the Public Agenda, promoting open dialogue in political campaign periods, and partnerships with the private sector and civil society organizations, encouraging some of their leaders to engage in public service as well. Years later, Ramiro led Avina´s local team in Argentina to replicate this successful experience in the country.

The Climate Change Strategy at Avina is conceived as a cross cutting issue, introducing it in all of its Programs and Opportunities for systemic change, as a mean to encourage sustainable development policies. Ramiro has been leading this initiative inside the organization (team), developing different strategies to include the Climate Change variable in different agendas, and representing Avina in World Forums and international negotiations.