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Training workshop on implementing NAPAs for Asian LDCs


Don Chan Palace




Lao People's Democratic Republic

Date and Venue

Don Chan Palace
4-8 May 2010
Vientiane, Lao PDR


The COP by its decision 8/CP.13 extented the mandate of the least developed countries expert group (LEG) in supporting preparation and implementation strategy of NAPAs. Under its activities for 2008-2010, the LEG selected training workshops for implementing NAPAs as one of the priorities.  A total of five training workshops have therefore been planned by the LEG in collaboration with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and its agencies, and this is the third one in the series.  The workshop is targeting Asian LDCs, comprising 10 Parties to the UNFCCC. 

The objective of the training is:

to provide technical support to LDC teams in the design of an implementation strategy for the NAPAs, and to build capacity of these teams in the preparation and submission of project documents (PIF, PPG and FSP document) to the GEF under the LDCF; and,

where needed, to provide technical support to those LDC Parties that are still preparing their NAPAs.

Information for participants

 Information sheet (252 kB)

The document contains important information for participants on:

-Full address details of the venue
-Visa and entry requirements for Lao PDR 
-Local transportation
-Hotels and accomodation
-General information on Lao PDR 
-Contacts for and during the workshop

Resource Materials

The following are training materials and will be provided in hard copies and electronically to each of the participants attending the training workshop:

-Step-by-step guide
- Training workshop programme (117 kB)
- Training materials (7606 kB)
-LDC Brochure 2009: LDC under the UNFCCC
- Steps for revising NAPA projects lists and profiles (22 kB)

Country case studies

-Frequently asked questions on NAPA preparation and implementation
-GEF/C.28.18 - Programming Paper for Funding the Implementation of NAPAs under the LDC Trust Fund