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Information on the support provided to developing country Parties and on activities undertaken to strengthen existing, and to establish, national and regional systematic observation and monitoring networks. Submissions from Parties.

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The Subsidiary Body for Implementation, at its thirty-fourth session, invited Parties and relevant organizations to submit to the secretariat, by 15 August 2011, their views on the process to enable least developed country Parties to formulate and implement national adaptation plans, building upon their experience in preparing and implementing national adaptation programmes of action, and their views on the modalities and guidelines for least developed country Parties and other developing country Parties to employ the modalities formulated to support national adaptation plans, for compilation by the secretariat into a miscellaneous document and as input to the possible expert meeting to be held prior to the seventeenth session of the Conference of the Parties. The secretariat has received 18 such submissions. In accordance with the procedure for miscellaneous documents, the 11 submissions from Parties and the five submissions

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United Nations Office at Geneva | Geneva (Switzerland) | 27/09/2011