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Methodological issues. Review of methodological work under the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol. Report on the availability, accessibility and comparability of existing sources of emission data and relevant socio-economic data, including options for the development, hosting and management of a data interface. Note by the secretariat.

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This document presents information on sources of emissions and socio-economic data and on tools for accessing and analysing such data. Four options for improving the access of Parties to greenhouse gas emissions data and socio-economic data relevant to climate change are presented: to improve internet links to external data sources on the UNFCCC web site; to develop software to search external data sources; to improve the data availability on the UNFCCC web site and develop software tools to analyse the data; and to authorize an external organization to provide data and analytical tools on an external web site, with a link from the UNFCCC web site. Parties may wish to consider the relative advantages and costs of these options and provide additional guidance to the secretariat on one or more of them

Item 4 (a) of the provisional agenda


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United Nations Office at Geneva | Geneva (Switzerland) | 27/10/2003