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NAMA Registry


The Conference of Parties (COP), at its sixteenth session, decided to set up a registry to record nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) seeking international support, to facilitate the matching of finance, technology and capacity-building support with these actions, and to recognize other NAMAs.

The NAMA registry

This registry has been developed in accordance with decisions 1/CP.16, paragraph 53, and 2/CP.17, paragraph 45. Accordingly participation is voluntary and only information that has been specifically requested for recording in the NAMA registry is found in this platform.

The NAMA registry has not been designed to perform functions of measurement, reporting and verification of mitigation actions and support. The Conference of Parties has agreed on other mechanisms for that purpose pursuant to decisions 1/CP.16 and 2/CP.17.

Users experiencing problems can submit these to the secretariat at

The NAMA registry can be accessed at the link below. Users wishing to create or edit entries in the registry will need to login via the menu in the top right of the screen.



Details on gaining access rights to the registry can be accessed here

Details on submitting information to the registry via email can be accessed here.

Contact details for NAMA approvers can be accessed here.

Support for Registry users

User Manual, FAQ, fact sheets and more....


News section

An update to the NAMA
registry has been released! This new version of the registry
improves the display of recent information on the registry homepage, adds a supported NAMAs page containing all NAMAs receiving support,
improves navigation within the registry and displays more information to users about the status of their entries as they move from the draft stage through to publication.
View the new-look registry



Decisions on the Registry:
pdf-icon 2/CP.17
pdf-icon 16/CP.18

Guidance for NAMA design:
pdf-icon Building on Country Experiences
(2951 kB)