Raising Ambition Day | 2nd Capacity-building Hub

Tuesday 10 December 2019

In light of IPCC report on climate scenarios, UN Climate Change has made it clear that the 1.5 degree scenario cannot be achieved without ‘raising ambition’ at different levels of development.

Raising ambition is about joining forces and building consensus at strategic and operational levels, from international to local communities. The Raising Ambition Day will foster dialogues on enhancing inclusiveness and mainstreaming interdisciplinary approaches in climate actions. Co-organizers of this day are representatives of international coalitions and networks who believe in collective action for effective change. They will present examples of their actions, as well as pathways foreseen for higher ambitions.

2020 marks a historical milestone for the implementation of climate pledges under the Paris Agreement, as well as actions aimed at achieving sustainable development goals, set by Agenda 2030. In the decade ahead of us, business as usual is not an option.

Programme Overview

The day starts with a panel discussion on the importance of capacity-building for climate action under the Paris Agreement, to be understood in the context of sustainable development agenda. The panel is followed by a ceremonial event, celebrating contributions of Gender Just Climate Solutions Award winners.

The floor will then be opened for discussions around raising ambition on ‘climate finance’, ‘gender empowerment’, and ‘nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement’.

The last panel focuses on the role of private sector in enhancing synergic actions between the implementation of the NDCs and the SDGs.

The day will conclude the exchanges with some food for thought on how to proceed towards 2020 and beyond.

What? Topics | Objectives


The Raising Ambition Day in the 2nd Capacity-building Hub is designed to, among other topics, touch upon:

  • Raising climate ambition
  • Gender Just Climate Solutions
  • Raising ambition for climate finance
  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Raising ambition for NDCs
  • Private sector, NDCs and SDGs

All interested individuals and organizations are welcome to join the debate and contribute to the discussion!


The purpose of Raising Ambition Day is to foster a shared vision of progressive and systemic change towards higher climate ambition, and coherent action for sustainable development. The Raising Ambition Day accentuates the inter-linkages between nationally determined contributions (NDCs) in climate pledges under the Paris Agreement with actions undertaken in regional, national, and subnational levels for achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs). Some of the key objectives of the sessions are:

  • Highlight synergies between capacity-building for climate change under Paris Agreement, and sustainable development goals under the 2030 Agenda,
  • Emphasizing the significance of partnerships, international cooperation, and good governance in enabling a just transition for sustainable development,
  • Share cases of innovative capacity building solutions for climate action across sectors, and different locations, and by different actors
Why? Significance

The impacts of climate change transcend borders and sectors, affecting millions of lives for years to come. Building consensus on climate action as an umbrella strategy encompassing a wide array of actions towards more sustainable state of development is what Raising Ambition Day aims to emphasize. This day also brings together representatives of international partnerships and networks materializing the notion of collective action for higher ambitions.

Who? Partners and Co-organizers | Target Audience


Lead Partners  



Target Audience

All actors involved in capacity-building for climate action, contributing to the attainment of sustainable development goals; national and local government officials, policy makers, researchers, INGOs, IGO, CSOs, and private sectors.

How? Outcomes | Sessions

Hosted by the PCCB, and led by the UNFCCC, the 2nd Capacity-building Hub Raising Ambition Day provides a platform for different stakeholders to share knowledge and exchange experiences through interactive panel discussions and forums, designed to:

  • Exchanging knowledge on available and demanded areas of collaboration for cross-sector projects and partnerships
  • Exploring lessons learned from and recommendations for multi-stakeholder collaborations on climate mitigation, adaptation and knowledge management
  • Increased capacities of participants on mainstreaming gender issues and indigenous knowledge in the design of climate policies and projects
  • Exploring innovative pathways and arrangements for multi-stakeholder, multi-level international partnerships



Opening remarks
High-level session on raising ambition for climate action- the importance of capacity-building
Concept note.
  • Alexander Leicht, Chief, Section of Education for Sustainable Development, UNESCO
  • Nur Masripatin, Carbon Institute Council Chairwoman
  • Patrick V. Verkooijen, Chief Executive Officer, Global Center on Adaptation
  • Ovais Sarmad, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNFCCC
Facilitating the involvement of the Latin American private sector into countries’ NDC and SDG commitments
UNEP DTU Partnership
From words to climate action: climate projects in Latin America with innovative capacity-building solutions to promote gender equality, women’s empowerment
UN WOMEN | UNDP | UN Environment
Role of the Private Financing Advisory Network in building capacity of climate finance stakeholders to unlock frontier markets
Concept note.
UNIDO | Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN)
Climate Action Enhancement Package: Raising ambition for NDCs
NDC Partnership
Raising ambition for climate action – the importance of capacity-building
  • Miriam Tereick, UNESCO
  • Anika Terton, Policy Advisor, NAP Global Network
Daily wrap-up