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Decision 4/CP.7
Development and transfer of technologies

Decision 3/CP.13
Development and transfer of technologies under the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice

Decision 1/CP.16
The Cancun Agreements


Technology Information


The technology information component of the framework defines the means, including hardware, software and networking, to facilitate the flow of information between the different stakeholders to enhance the development and transfer of technologies.


The technology information component serves to establish an efficient information system in support of technology transfer and to improve the generation and flow of, access to, and quality of technical, economic, environmental and regulatory information relating to the development and transfer of ESTs under the Convention.


The secretariat implemented its pilot project on the establishment of a technology transfer information clearing house (TT:CLEAR) in September 2001. At present, TT:CLEAR acts as a gateway to technology information that enables users, including  practitioners and private sector users, to find information on many issues related to technology transfer.

EGTT ActivitiesResults/products

•  Studied the needs, logistical implications and institutional arrangements associated with networking international technology clearing houses and networks of regional and national technology centres.

•  Considered ways and means to enhance the capabilities of clean technology centres in developing countries.

•  Assisted in designing and implementing an outreach programme for TT:CLEAR, and identified and analyzed ways to facilitate access to technology information by intended users.

•  Assisted the secretariat in organizing an expert workshop on technology information.

•  Pilot network of national and regional technology information centres.

•  Initial report on the pilot project on networking between TT:CLEAR and regional national technology information centres.

•  Results of the survey on the effectiveness of the use of TT:CLEAR.

•  Web based technology transfer information clearing house (<http://ttclear.unfccc.int>)

•  Report of the technology information expert workshop.

Current Work

At COP 16, Parties established the Technology Mechanism of the Convention, consisting of a Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and a Climate Technology Centre and Network. Parties decided that the TEC shall further implement the Technology Transfer Framework.

For information on the work of the TEC with regards to the further implementation of the Framework:  Technology Executive Committee