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Relevant Decisions

Decision 4/CP.7
Development and transfer of technologies

Decision 3/CP.13
Development and transfer of technologies under the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice

Decision 1/CP.16
The Cancun Agreements


Capacity Building


Within the context of enhancing the implementation of the technology transfer framework, capacity-building is a process which seeks to build, develop, strengthen, enhance and improve existing scientific and technical skills, capabilities and institutions particularly in developing countries, to enable them to assess, adapt, manage and develop technologies. 

Capacity building must be country-driven, addressing specific needs and conditions of developing countries and reflecting their national sustainable development strategies, priorities and initiatives. It is primarily to be undertaken by and in developing countries in accordance with the provisions of the Convention.


The purpose of capacity building under the framework is to strengthen the capacities of Parties other than developed country Parties and other developed Parties not included in Annex II, particularly developing country Parties, to promote the widespread dissemination, application and development of environmentally sound technologies and know-how, to enable them to implement the provisions of the Convention. 

Capacity building under this framework should be guided by the principles established in the decisions related to capacity building (decisions 2/CP.7 and 3/CP.7).


The EGTT considered capacity-building a cross-cutting issue; hence many activities in this area were conducted as integrated activities with other themes, such as the organization of a series of workshops on TNAs, technology information, innovative financing and technologies for adaptation, and the publication of a handbook on conducting TNAs for climate change and a guidebook on preparing technology transfer projects for financing.

EGTT ActivitiesResults/products

•  Investigated the relationship with all capacity-building activities under the UNFCCC.

•  Identified possible prioritized capacity-building activities on technology transfer.

•  Analyzed ways to strengthen institutional capacities and to promote closer regional cooperation of national focal points.

•  Technical paper on capacity-building in the development and transfer of technologies.

•  Note: The EGTT considered capacity-building a cross-cutting issue; hence many activities in this area were conducted as integrated activities with other themes.

Current Work

At COP 16, Parties established the Technology Mechanism of the Convention, consisting of a Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and a Climate Technology Centre and Network. Parties decided that the TEC shall further implement the Technology Transfer Framework.

For information on the work of the TEC with regards to the further implementation of the Framework:  Technology Executive Committee