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The Technology Mechanism of the Convention

The Technology Mechanism was established in 2010 to support country efforts to accelerate and enhance action on climate change. It helps countries to develop and transfer climate technologies so that they can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the adverse effects of climate change. In doing this, the Technology Mechanism supports countries to keep the global temperature rise to less than two degrees. The Technology Mechanism consists of two complementary bodies:

Technology Executive Committee (TEC) 
  • The TEC is the Technology Mechanism’s policy arm and it addresses policy issues related to climate technology development and transfer.
  • It analyzes key climate technology policy issues and provides recommendations which support countries to enhance climate efforts.
Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)
  • The CTCN is the implementation arm of the mechanism and it supports country efforts to enhance the implementation of climate technology projects and programmes.
  • It has three core services: (1) providing technical assistance to developing countries; (2) creating access to knowledge on climate technologies; and (3) fostering collaboration among climate technology stakeholders.
The Technology Mechanism’s two bodies work together to enhance climate technology action. Their complementary functions support developing country efforts to address both policy and implementation aspects of climate technology development and transfer. They continually work to enrich coherence and synergy in the delivery of climate technology support and respond effectively to the needs of countries.