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The list of proponents and an executive summary of proposals submitted is available here.

Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)

The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), together with the Technology Executive Committee, is mandated to facilitate the effective implementation of the Technology Mechanism, under the guidance of the COP.

What is the Climate Technology Centre and Network?Recent documentsGovernance
The CTCN's mission is to stimulate technology cooperation and to enhance climate technology development and transfer. In addition, the CTCN assists developing countries consistent with their respective capabilities and national circumstances and priorities.

The CTCN undertakes its work to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to identify technology needs. It also facilitates the preparation and implementation of technology projects and strategies that support climate action. It consists of:

(a) A climate technology centre 

(b) A network of institutions capable of responding to requests from developing countries related to climate technology development and transfer.

The CTCN operates within its terms of reference and is accountable to and under the guidance of the COP through an advisory board.

At COP 19, Parties adopted the modalities and procedures of the CTCN and the rules of procedures of the Advisory Board.

Host of the Climate Technology CentreNational designated entitiesAdvisory Board
COP 18 selected UNEP, as the leader of a consortium of partner organizations, as the host of the Climate Technology Centre (CTC).

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National designated entities (NDEs) serve as entities for climate technology action and are focal points for interacting with the CTC. Developing countries submit requests related to climate technology to the CTC through their NDE.

The COP has invited Parties to nominate their NDEs for the development and transfer of technologies, pursuant to decisions 2/CP.17 and 14/CP.18.

+ List of nominated national designated entities and country focal points
The CTCN Advisory Board meets at least twice per year and is supported by the CTCN.

+ Meetings of the Advisory Board

+ Information on the election of the Advisory Board members