Technology Executive Committee

Strengthening climate technology policies

Technology Transfer Framework

In 2001 countries created the technology transfer framework, known officially as the framework for actions to enhance the implementation of Article 4, paragraph 5, of the Convention. They also established the expert group on technology transfer (EGTT) to analyse technology development and transfer issues. The technology transfer framework covers five key technology themes:

  • Technology needs and needs assessments

  • Technology information

  • Enabling environments for technology transfer

  • Capacity-building for technology transfer

  • Mechanisms for technology transfer

In 2007, countries added four sub-themes to the mechanisms theme: innovative financing; international cooperation; endogenous development of technologies; and collaborative research and development. 

Between 2001 and 2010, both the EGTT and the technology transfer framework supported developing countries to address technology transfer issues and implement technology activities. Through these institutions, countries established and consolidated the technology needs assessment process. With developing countries identifying their technology needs, the EGTT explored how technology financing and capacity-building could help countries address their needs. It wrote a guidebook and held regional workshops which trained project developers in preparing project proposals for financing. In addition, the EGTT explored how to monitor and evaluate the technology transfer framework’s effectiveness. It also developed strategies and evaluated options to accelerate technology development and transfer in the long term. 

In 2010, countries ended the EGTT’s mandate when they established the Technology Mechanism. They requested the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) to further implement the technology transfer framework.

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