Momentum for Change Sustainable Food for Community Development

Focus areas: Mitigation; Adaptation
Location: Guinea bissau: Bissau; New Taipei City(Yang Min Community) , Outer Mongolia: Ulaanbataar, China
Established: March 2012

The goal of this activity is to achieve sustainable lifestyle for the inhabitants of Bissau, Guinea Bissau, through a six segment plan. The segments are: greening the environment, renewable energy (new devices and applications in both hardware and software), garbage recycling, innovation of all goods, organic food plantation intake and transport. It is envisaged that through these segments, a 70 to 90 per cent savings can be made in overall sustainability costs and that the environment and resources can be conserved and sustained.

Further information on the activity's turbine and solar energy; recycling; green roofing; and vegan programsDocument 1; Document 2

Mitigation / Adaptation


Potential for scaling-up and replication

The activity involves planting of high protein plants (soy), and late processing this material into soy milk. Soy milk can substitute for 300 cows and provide 2,000 babies and/or adults with their daily allowance of milk.

This activity involves obtaining food resources at low cost, development of land, water irrigation, livelihood and economic/marketing benefits. The focus on planting high protein vegetable crops will help to create jobs in the processing processing plant (to extract the milk from the soy-plants) for women in the community. In addition, the high protein food stuff will provide necessary nutrition for the children and adults in the communities.

The activities are based on beahviour change communications and therefore are replicable in most countries. The idea behind the project would be to get communities to take actions and these actions would be graded. Good grades would be rewarded with further funding for expansion of the projects.