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Stakeholder Engagement

The TEC is committed to engaging a broad range of stakeholders at the international, regional and national levels, including public institutions, the business community, academia and non-governmental organizations. Stakeholder engagement is issue-based and channeled through work programmes, and the establishment of institutional interfaces and communication channels at different levels, which allows the TEC to mobilize and leverage a wider range of expertise and resources. The TEC interacts with, and seeks inputs from, stakeholders through various means, including TEC meetings, calls for inputs, thematic dialogues, expert meetings, workshops, TEC side events and participation in TEC task forces.

Calls for inputsTEC task forces

Calls for inputs assist the TEC in conducting its work by providing opportunities to stakeholders to submit written inputs on specific issues. The topic and duration of calls for input are decided on a case by case basis, and a deadline is provided for submissions related to each call. On behalf of the TEC, the secretariat launches the calls for inputs through TT:CLEAR.

Provision of guidance on how the results of the TNAs, in particular the TAPs, can be developed into projects that can be ultimately implemented (COP-20 mandate) (8 May 2015 – 26 June 2015)

+ During the 7th meeting of the TEC, observers were invited to actively participate in discussions on possible areas of work or topics and modalities for collaboration with organizations outside the Convention

Actions undertaken by accredited observer organizations relevant to the Technology Executive Committee in performing its functions (18 June 2012 - 31 July 2012)
Ways to promote enabling environments and to address barriers to technology development and transfer (18 June 2012 - 31 July 2012)
Technology road maps and action plans (18 June 2012 - 31 July 2012)

The TEC may establish task forces to conduct substantive work intersessionally and support the TEC in performing its functions and implementing its rolling workplan. Task forces are made up of TEC members and may include representatives of observer organizations to benefit from inputs from relevant experts and stakeholders.

At its 8th meeting, the TEC established several task forces with each the general mandate to undertake work on related activities of the rolling workplan for 2014-2015. Task forces with the participation of observer organizations are:

+ Task force on adaptation;
+ Task force on mitigation;
+ Task force on emerging and cross-cutting issues.

>> All TEC task forces may be found here.

TEC meetingsTEC events

The TEC draws upon outside expertise to seek advice and input from expert advisers at its meetings on specific issues, including through inviting representatives of intergovernmental and international organizations, the private sector and civil society. In addition, the meetings of the TEC are open to attendance by accredited observer organizations and observers from Parties, except where otherwise decided by the TEC. Observers may be invited to address the TEC on matters under consideration by the TEC. More>>

The TEC organizes various events to present, discuss and address particular topics and issues with the participation of relevant experts and stakeholders. These may be part of TEC meetings, such as thematic dialogues, and may be organized in conjunction with TEC meetings or other events, such as expert meetings, workshops and TEC side events at sessions of the COP and its subsidiaries bodies. 

>> All TEC events may be found on the page Technology Events under the Convention.