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Finance for Technology

The Convention states that Annex II Parties shall take all practicable steps to promote, facilitate and finance the transfer of, or access to, environmentally sound technologies and know-how to developing countries. This is undertaken to enable them to implement the provisions of the Convention. Support for technology transfer activities under the UNFCCC takes place at the bilateral and multilateral levels. For more information on financial support under the UNFCCC please refer to the Finance Portal.

 Multilateral support through the financial mechanism Bilateral support
The financial mechanism of the Convention was established to provide financial resources on a grant or concessional basis to assist developing country Parties implement the Convention, including for the transfer of technology. More>>

 There are two operating entities of the financial mechanism:
+ Global Environment Facility
+ Green Climate Fund

Within the Convention, Annex II Parties provide information in their National Communications on practicable steps taken to promote, facilitate and finance the transfer of and access to ESTs.

+ Technology transfer activities reported by Annex II Parties in their fifth National Communication

 The Global Environment Facility Preparing technology transfer projects for financing
The Global Environment Facility (GEF) supports technology transfer activities through:

+ The climate change mitigation programme of the GEF Trust Fund
+ The technology transfer window (SCCF-B) of the Special Climate Change Fund
+ The Poznan strategic programme on technology transfer

Through the Poznan Strategic Programme, the GEF provides funding for:
  • Technology needs assessments (TNAs);
  • Implementating technology transfer pilot projects;
  • Disseminating GEF experience and successfully demonstrated ESTs.
For the long-term implementation of the strategic programme, the GEF has established the following elements to further scale up investment in ESTs in developing countries and to enhance technology transfer activities under the Convention:
    • Support for climate technology centers and a climate technology network;
    • Piloting priority technology projects to foster innovation and investments;
    • Public-private partnership for technology transfer;
    • Technology needs assessments;
    • GEF as a catalytic supporting institution for technology transfer
Lessons learned from the work on technology transfer under the UNFCCC has highlighted the need to provide technical assistance to project developers in developing countries, to convert project ideas identified in TNAs into project proposals that will meet the standards of international financial providers.

In response to this need, the UNFCCC secretariat, in close collaboration with the Expert Group on Technology Transfer, developed the:

+ UNFCCC Guidebook on Preparing Technology Transfer Projects for Financing

To allow trainers to train project developers in developing countries on how to prepare technology projects for financing, a training package has also been made available:

+ Training package on preparing technology projects for financing

A regional training programme, consisting of a series of workshops, has also been undertaken on preparing technology transfer projects for financing.