In-session documents June 2015 - ADP


This page includes informal and limited distribution documents issued during the June 2015 Bonn Climate Change Conference. All other official documents (regular, INF, MISC, CRP, TP) can be found through the Documents & Decisions section. Those relevant to the November sessions can also be accessed through the respective links: SBSTA, SBI and ADP. Please refer to the session's reports for the final outcome of the meeting.


Body Agenda Item Agenda Title Draft Date Time Document Type
ADP 2   Organizational matters      
ADP 2 (a) Election of officers - - -
ADP 2 (b) Adoption of the agenda - - -
ADP 2 (c) Organization of the work of the session - - -
ADP 3   Implementation of all the elements of decision 1/CP.17 11 Jun 15 -

Streamlined and consolidated text    

ADP 4   Other matters - - -
ADP 5   Report on the session 4 Jun 15 - FCCC/ADP/2015/L.2


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