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Expert meeting
Expert Meeting on Methodological Issues relating to Reference Emission Levels and Reference Levels Bonn, Germany, 23-24 March 2009


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The Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA), at its twenty-ninth session, requested its Chair to organize an expert meeting before its thirtieth session (June 1–12, 2009).  The focus of the meeting is on methodological issues relating:

  1. To reference emission levels for deforestation;

  2. To reference emission levels for forest degradation;

  3. To the role and contribution of conservation, sustainable management of forests, changes in forest cover and associated carbon stocks and greenhouse gas emissions and the enhancement of forest carbon stocks to enhance action on mitigation of climate change and to the consideration of reference levels;

  4. To the relationship among the reference emission levels and relevant reference levels.


At the same session, the SBSTA decided to continue its programme of work on methodological issues, as contained in decision 2/CP.13, paragraphs 7 (a) and 11, at its thirtieth session, with the aim of completing this work by its thirty-first session and reporting to the COP at its fifteenth session on progress made, including any recommendations on the remaining outstanding methodological issues as contained in annex III to the report on its twenty-eighth session (FCCC/SBSTA/2008/6). 

This expert meeting is part of the SBSTA ’s programme of work on methodological issues. 

For the conclusions of the SBSTA, at its twenty-ninth session, please see FCCC/SBSTA/2008/13, paras 35-48. Background/update on "Reducing emissions from deforestation in developing countries" can be found at the REDD web site.

Venue and logistics

Note on logistics (209 kB)


Provisional agenda (136 kB)

List of participants (167 kB)



Clare Walsh, Australia

National Forst Emission Levels (142 kB)

Lee White, Gabon

Thoughts about REDD (6594 kB)

Michael Obersteiner, IIASA

REDD Baselines in Total Land-Use (636 kB)

Yasumasa Hirata, Japan

Discussion on a Methodology of Developing Reference Scenario (4388 kB)  

Ben de Jong, Mexico

Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (3733 kB)  

Cyril Loisel, Norway

Elements from REDD OAR (4889 kB)  

Kevin Conrad, Papua New Guinea

PNG Views on  Reference Emission Levels and Reference Levels (3256 kB)

Ken Andrasko, World Bank

Reference Case Setting Issues (380 kB)


Report of the expert meeting