Regional Technical Expert Meetings on Decentralized solutions for smart energy and water use in the agri-food chain (6 September 2019, Bangkok, Thailand)

The agri-food systems are largely reliant upon conventional energy sources, consume approximately 30% of the world’s energy supply and account for about 70 percent of all water withdrawals globally. This sector contributes to around 22 per cent of today’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint and improving agriculture’s water management is thus central to limiting climate change, ensuring energy security and achieving sustainable development. There is an opportunity to decarbonize the agri-food chain through renewable energy, water efficiency and innovations in the areas of technology, traditional know how’s as well as policy, investments and capacity building.

The regional technical expert meeting, with the help of high-impact case studies and input from a diverse range of experts, will analyse the opportunities presented by the technological solutions and innovative approaches and their challenges. The focus is on solutions that are actionable in the short term for the Asia Pacific region. Participants are expected to discuss and share experiences on the necessary policy environment, best practices in fostering partnerships and need of capacity building and accessing financial resources for the replication and upscaling of such solutions.