Regional Technical Expert Meetings on Circular economy solutions and innovations in water and energy management for the agri-food chain (23 August 2019, Climate City, Salvador, Brazil)

This session will discuss ways of creating circular economies in the agri-food chain to reduce food waste, use energy, and water more sustainably that result in emission reductions. The concept of using agricultural waste products and biogas for energy production and process inputs will be explored, particularly where improvements in energy and water use can be made.The session will also briefly touch up on required business models, conducive policy environment and sustainable development co-benefits.

During the session, with the help of high impact case studies/examples, currently available technological solutions and innovative approaches for circular economy in the agri-food chain that are actionable in the short term for the LAC region will be discussed. Participants are expected to also discuss and share experiences on the necessary policy environment, best practices in fostering partnerships and need of financial, technology and capacity building resources for the replication and upscaling of abovementioned solutions.