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Side event
COP 23 - PCCB Side event


14:15 - 15:45


Room 4


Bonn Zone, COP23






Capacity- building is a crucial precondition to achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement, especially in the context of NDC implementation. The Paris Committee on Capacity- building (PCCB) is tasked with catalyzing capacity- building efforts worldwide.

The objective of this side event is to inform the negotiators and observers of the work and activities of the PCCB in 2017, the year that it held its first meeting and became operational. It will create a space for an interactive discussion and exchange between the PCCB and the participants of the COP 23.

At the side event, the Co- Chairs of the PCCB will present the main elements of the annual technical progress report of the Committee, including a short introduction on the areas of work of the PCCB as per its rolling workplan 2017 to 2019. The Co- Chairs will also present some of the major lessons learned and findings of the PCCB’s one- day technical exchange on the 2017 focus area or theme, “capacity- building activities for the implementation of nationally determined contributions in the context of the Paris Agreement”, which was held on 12 May during the first meeting of the PCCB. An outlook on the directions of further technical work of the PCCB will also be presented.

The side event will be structured along the following two topics:

  1. Capacity- building needs and gaps in NDC implementation in line with the 2017 focus area or theme of the PCCB, and possible ways to address those needs and gaps;

  2. Ways to improve the web- based capacity- building portal, maintained by the secretariat, with the resources available.

The side event will allow the PCCB members to engage with key stakeholder groups. Their reactions will feed into the PCCB’s future work.


Presentation slides (1132 kB)


13:15 – 13:25

Mohamed Nbou,
Matti Nummelin

PCCB Co- Chairs

- Brief opening & welcoming remarks by the Co- Chairs

Introduction of the PCCB & its work so far
13:25 – 13:40

Mohamed Nbou,
Matti Nummelin

PCCB Co- Chairs
[13:25 – 13:35]

- A short presentation on PCCB’s work so far based on the content of the annual technical progress report of the PCCB, including information about the content of the submissions received;
- Introduction of the 2017- 2018 focus area or theme of the PCCB (“Capacity- building activities for the implementation of the NDCs in the context of the Paris Agreement”)

Short clarification questions (5 min.) 13:35 – 13:40

Capacity- building gaps and needs for NDC implementation, possible ways to address them, and the role of the PCCB
13:40 – 14:20

Panel discussion (25 min.) 13:40 – 14:05

Sara Traerup

UNEP DTU Partnership

- Capacity- building gaps identified in the Technology Needs Assessments (TNA);
- How to link the TNA and NDC processes, as technology is integral to achieving the countries’ NDC targets

Vladimir Hecl (Technology)

FTC, UNFCCC secretariat

Tara Shine

Mary Robinson Foundation

- Their views on capacity- building gaps and needs in NDC implementation;
- Possible ways to address the CB gaps and needs identified;
- Their views on what the PCCB can do to help identify and address the gaps and needs

Jukka Uosukainen

Director of CTCN

Mohamed Nbou,
Matti Nummelin

PCCB Co- Chairs

- Co- Chairs’ reaction to the inputs by the panelists

Q&A and discussion with the audience (15 min.) 14:05 – 14:20

Ways to enhance the capacity- building portal
14:20 – 14:40

Mohamed Nbou,
Matti Nummelin

PCCB Co- Chairs
[14:20 – 14:25]

- The value and role of the capacity- building portal;
- Some ways the PCCB is considering to help enhance the portal with the available resources.

Views from the panelists
[14:25 – 14:30]

- Panelists\\' views on the capacity- building portal.

Views from the audience
[14:30 – 14:40]

- Further discussion with the audience about the capacity- building portal.

Wrap- up & closing remarks
14:40 – 14:45

Mohamed Nbou,
Matti Nummelin

PCCB Co- Chairs

- Brief wrap- up and closing remarks by the Co- Chairs

Further relevant information on the side event will be posted here when available.
For any questions, please contact the secretariat.