Thematic dialogue on distributed renewable energy

On 10 March 2015, the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) held a thematic dialogue on the development and transfer of technology in distributed renewable energy (RE) generation and integration. The thematic dialogue took place as part of the 10th meeting of the TEC.


The overall objective of the thematic dialogue was to support the TEC in identifying and generating policy perspectives, options, mechanisms and measures to enhance the development and transfer of technology in distributed RE generation and integration. The dialogue thus helps the TEC prepare TEC Brief and policy key messages and/or recommendations to Parties with a view to increasing the share of distributed RE and enhancing pre- and post-2020 mitigation action..


The thematic dialogue included the presentation of a background paper to provide an accurate, objective and up-to-date assessment of the current situation, as well as two case studies to bring practical perspectives and views from the ground. The dialogue also addressed specific themes surrounding distributed RE generation and integration, by having experts providing their initial views. This was followed by work in break-out groups tasked to deepen the consideration of the issues by responding to guiding questions. The four themes were: future of distributed RE generation and integration; technological challenges and policy options to overcome these; financial pespective and challenges; capacity-building.


Final agenda
Background paper on distributed RE generation and integration
Summary of the thematic dialogue


Background paper on distribution RE generation and integration

Dr. Paul Komor, University of Colorado-Boulder

Case study: Implementation of initiative Energising Development in Indonesia with micro-hydro and solar PV power

Ms. Amalia Suryani, Energising Development (EnDev) Indonesia, GIZ

Case study: Ireland, as an island operating distributed RE generation and integration technologies

Dr. Andrew Keane, University College Dublin

Expert interventions

The future of distribution RE generation and integration
Mr. Yacob Mulugetta, University College London, and contributor to the IPCC AR5 WGIII

Technological challenges and policy options to overcome these (1)
Mr. Francisco Boshell, International Renewable Energy Agency

Technological chanllenges and policy options to overcome these (2)
Mr. Luis Munuera, International Energy Agency

Financial perspective and challenges
Mr. Alberto Levy, Inter-American Development Bank


Mr. Benon Bena, Rural Electrification Agency of Uganda


The thematic dialogue was webcast.

Participate via Twitter

Online viewers were able to participate in the discussions using social media. By using the Twitter hashtag #climatetech, viewers were able to send questions and comments to the TEC and the experts.