Endogenous capacities and technologies

In response to the request from COP 21, the Technology Executive Committee has been undertaking the work on the development and enhancement of endogenous capacities and technologies. To learn more about the committee's work in this area, read the document found below:

TEC Report: Developing and Enhancing Endogenous Capacities and Technologies: Technology Stakeholders' Perspectives

The Technology Executive Committee is proud to announce the publication of a new TEC report titled “Developing and enhancing endogenous capacities and technologies: technology stakeholders' perspectives”. In its preliminary work, the TEC observed a lack of common understanding on the meaning of endogenous capacities and endogenous technologies in the context of climate change. To address this issue, the TEC conducted surveys of relevant stakeholders and experts to gain insight into their views on the elements and features that could be used to describe, develop and enhance endogenous capacities and technologies. The TEC also sought inputs from other UNFCCC bodies and the operating entities of the Financial Mechanism. This report delivers the findings from that work, which the TEC hopes will serve to improve the understanding of endogenous capacities and technologies. Download the report here  or read online below:

Preliminary study prepared by the secretariat

To facilitate initiation of the work of the TEC in addressing the issue of endogenous capacities and technologies, the secretariat conducted an preliminary study. The aims of the study are two-fold: (i) to better understand the concept of endogenous capacity and technology, and (ii) to examine how these concepts have been applied in various contexts. The study presents an initial approach to the definition of endogenous development taking into account different contexts and establish a number of elements which could represent the endogenous characteristics. It then presents examples of how these elements were applied in different contexts in order to give a more comprehensive and realistic idea of the concept. Download the preliminary study here.