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Welcome to the UNFCCC roster of consultants


The UNFCCC frequently requires experts with broad experience in the international and domestic arena to undertake professional level assignments. The UNFCCC consultant roster is an online database of specialized consultants used for sourcing expertise for short and long-term assignments with our organization.

Minimum requirements

  1. Formal academic education in the area of expertise with three or more years of relevant working experience;
  2. Proficiency with computer applications;
  3. Fluency in English.

If you meet these requirements and have an interest in working with us, please register your CV in our roster. Companies wishing to offer their services are invited to register with our vendor roster.

If you encounter any problems to register, kindly send an e-mail to: and we will assist you in submitting your application. Please do not send your application to this e-mail address as it will not be considered.

Below you can find some information on the contractual conditions of professionals engaged on consultancy contracts:

Legal Status

Professionals can be engaged as either consultants or individual contractors:

Consultant: a person whose services are required on a short-term basis to provide outside expertise, special skills or knowledge not available from regular staff of UNFCCC and for which there is no continuing need in UNFCCC.

Individual contractor: a person whose services are required on a short-term basis to provide support services which could normally be performed by regular staff within a certain time frame and for which there is no continuing need in UNFCCC.

Consultants and Individual contractors serve in their individual capacity as independent contractors and not as representatives of a government or of any other authority including UNFCCC. They shall not be regarded as a "staff member" of UNFCCC, under the United Nations Staff Regulations and Rules, or an "official" of UNFCCC, for purposes of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 13 February 1946.


Profiles registered in the database will remain active for a period of 12 months. Whenever relevant opportunities arise, potential candidates with the required expertise will be identified and contacted.


Fees are based on the type of assignment, complexity, extent and degree of expertise required, as well as the consultant’s relevant education and relevant experience. An overview of the level, degree of expertise and years of experience used to determine the fee is displayed below:

Consultant level Complexity; Degree of Expertise Candidate's experience
A Junior Specialist 3-7 years of working experience
B Specialist 8-17 years of working experience
C Senior Specialist 17 years or more of working experience

The organization reserves the right to establish fees according to the work performed. UNFCCC shall have no liability for taxes, duties or other similar charges payable by the Contractor in respect of any amounts paid to the Contractor under the Contract, and the Contractor acknowledges that UNFCCC will not issue any statements of earnings to the Contractor in respect of any such payments.

Payment fees can be set as output-based, monthly, weekly or daily. Detailed information on the fee shall be agreed in the contract.

Additional information

If you are offered a consultancy contract you will be required to provide the following documents: academic credentials, medical certificate, passport copy and proof of medical insurance. All documents must be in English or German. If in other languages please provide a translation. These documents are required prior to taking up an assignment with UNFCCC. We often require consultants at short notice. Depending on the assignment, consultants can be required to work from home, at our premises, or at UNFCCC conferences.