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Statements made during High Level Segment at COP 21 / CMP 11
pdf-icon Afghanistan (177 kB) pdf-icon Ghana (58 kB) Panama
Albania Greece Papua New Guinea
pdf-icon Algeria (167 kB) pdf-icon Grenada (214 kB) Paraguay
Andorra pdf-icon Guatemala (517 kB) Peru
pdf-icon Angola (839 kB)
pdf-icon Angola speaking on behalf of the Group Least Developed Countries (193 kB)
Guinea pdf-icon Philippines (163 kB)
pdf-icon Antigua and Barbuda (276 kB) Guinea-Bissau pdf-icon Poland (138 kB)
Argentina pdf-icon Guyana (628 kB) pdf-icon Portugal (1685 kB)
pdf-icon Armenia (146 kB)
pdf-icon Armenia with regard to the written statement of the delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan (74 kB)
pdf-icon Haiti (282 kB) pdf-icon Qatar (277 kB)
Australia pdf-icon Holy See (288 kB) pdf-icon Republic of Korea (230 kB)
pdf-icon Austria (156 kB) pdf-icon Honduras (11 kB) Republic of Moldova
pdf-icon Azerbaijan (137 kB)
pdf-icon Azerbaijan with regard to the written statement of the delegation of the Republic of Armenia (167 kB)

pdf-icon Azerbaijan with regard to the written statement of the delegation of the Republic of Armenia 2 (160 kB)

pdf-icon Hungary (217 kB)
Bahamas Iceland Russian Federation
Bahrain India pdf-icon Rwanda (121 kB)
pdf-icon Bangladesh (830 kB) pdf-icon Indonesia (86 kB) Saint Kitts and Nevis
Barbados Iran Saint Lucia
pdf-icon Belarus (944 kB) pdf-icon Iraq (899 kB) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Belgium Ireland Samoa
pdf-icon Belize (135 kB) pdf-icon Israel (553 kB) pdf-icon San Marino (181 kB)
pdf-icon Benin (651 kB) pdf-icon Italy (277 kB) Sao Tome and Principe
pdf-icon Bhutan (287 kB) pdf-icon Jamaica (245 kB) pdf-icon Saudi Arabia (546 kB) pdf-icon ar (360 kB)
Plurinational state of Bolivia pdf-icon Japan (984 kB) pdf-icon Senegal (241 kB)
pdf-icon Bosnia and Herzegovina (683 kB) pdf-icon Jordan (189 kB) Serbia
Botswana Kazakhstan pdf-icon Seychelles (689 kB)
Brazil Kenya pdf-icon Sierra Leone (158 kB)
pdf-icon Brunei Darussalam (74 kB) Kiribati pdf-icon Singapore (38 kB)
Bulgaria pdf-icon Kuwait (305 kB) pdf-icon Slovakia (118 kB)
pdf-icon Burkina Faso (199 kB) pdf-icon Kyrgyzstan (65 kB) Slovenia
pdf-icon Burundi (228 kB) pdf-icon Lao People's Democratic Republic (158 kB) pdf-icon Solomon Islands (214 kB)
Cabo Verde pdf-icon Latvia (184 kB) pdf-icon Somalia (859 kB)
Cambodia pdf-icon Lebanon (306 kB) pdf-icon South Africa speaking on behalf of the Group of 77 and China (1224 kB)
pdf-icon Cameroon (1681 kB) Lesotho pdf-icon South Sudan (140 kB)
Canada pdf-icon Liberia (777 kB) Spain
Central African Republic Libya Sri Lanka
pdf-icon Chad (223 kB) pdf-icon Liechtenstein speaking on behalf of the Environmental Integrity Group (92 kB) pdf-icon Sudan (579 kB)
Chile Lithuania pdf-icon Suriname (194 kB)
China, People's Republic of pdf-icon Luxembourg speaking on behalf of the European Union (259 kB) pdf-icon Swaziland (264 kB)
Colombia pdf-icon Madagascar (103 kB) Sweden
pdf-icon Comoros (869 kB) pdf-icon Malawi (124 kB) Switzerland
Congo pdf-icon Malaysia (260 kB) pdf-icon Syrian Arab Republic (602 kB)
Cook Islands pdf-icon Maldives speaking on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States (49 kB) Tajikistan
pdf-icon Costa Rica (467 kB) Mali pdf-icon Thailand (558 kB)
Croatia pdf-icon Malta (506 kB) , pdf-icon Statement, Commonwealth, Heads of Government Meeting (197 kB)
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
pdf-icon Cuba (145 kB) Marshall Islands pdf-icon Timor-Leste (127 kB)
Cyprus Mauritania pdf-icon Togo (188 kB)
pdf-icon Czech Republic (191 kB) pdf-icon Mauritius (262 kB) pdf-icon Tonga (126 kB)
Côte d'Ivoire Mexico pdf-icon Trinidad and Tobago (129 kB)
pdf-icon Democratic People's Republic of Korea (156 kB) Micronesia (Federated States of) Tunisia
pdf-icon Democratic Republic of the Congo (2124 kB) Monaco pdf-icon Turkey (202 kB)
Denmark pdf-icon Mongolia (671 kB) pdf-icon Turkmenistan (2033 kB)
Djibouti Montenegro pdf-icon Tuvalu (402 kB)
pdf-icon Dominica (318 kB) pdf-icon Morocco (593 kB) pdf-icon Uganda (135 kB)
Dominican Republic Mozambique Ukraine
pdf-icon Ecuador speaking on behalf of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (1419 kB) pdf-icon es (1510 kB)
pdf-icon Myanmar (100 kB) United Arab Emirates
pdf-icon Egypt speaking on behalf of the African Group of Nations (712 kB) Namibia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
pdf-icon El Salvador (145 kB) Nauru pdf-icon United Republic of Tanzania (80 kB)
Equatorial Guinea pdf-icon Nepal (134 kB) United States of America
pdf-icon Eritrea (1358 kB) Netherlands Uruguay
Estonia New Zealand Uzbekistan
Ethiopia Nicaragua pdf-icon Vanuatu (223 kB)
pdf-icon European Union (465 kB) Niger pdf-icon Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) (128 kB)
Fiji pdf-icon Nigeria (294 kB) Viet Nam
Finland pdf-icon Niue (259 kB) Yemen
France pdf-icon Norway (195 kB) pdf-icon Zambia (139 kB)
pdf-icon Gabon (687 kB) Oman Zimbabwe
pdf-icon Gambia (298 kB) pdf-icon Pakistan (225 kB)
Georgia Palau
Germany pdf-icon Palestine (296 kB)
Adaptation Fund Board African Development Bank Group pdf-icon African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (146 kB)
pdf-icon Association of Southeast Asian Nations (347 kB) pdf-icon CAB International (432 kB) Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre
Caribbean Community Secretariat Center for International Forestry Research Comité permanent inter-états de lutte contre la sécheresse au Sahel
Commission de l’ocean indien pdf-icon Commonwealth Secretariat (404 kB) Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat
pdf-icon East African Community (438 kB) ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Global Water Partnership Organisation
pdf-icon Institut International du Froid (182 kB) pdf-icon International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (427 kB) pdf-icon International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (519 kB)
pdf-icon International Coffee Organization (267 kB) pdf-icon International Energy Agency (43 kB) pdf-icon International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (202 kB)
International Organization for Migration International Renewable Energy Agency pdf-icon International Union for Conservation of Nature (44 kB)
pdf-icon Inter-Parliamentary Union (298 kB) pdf-icon Nordic Development Fund (78 kB) pdf-icon Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel (326 kB)
pdf-icon OPEC Fund for International Development (94 kB) Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
pdf-icon Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (775 kB) Organization of American States pdf-icon Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (10 kB)
pdf-icon Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (426 kB) pdf-icon Permanent Court of Arbitration (723 kB) pdf-icon Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention (451 kB)
pdf-icon Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific (233 kB) pdf-icon Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (197 kB) Secretaria General Iberoamericana
Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation EU-ACP pdf-icon Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (195 kB)  
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, on behalf of business and industry non-governmental organizations pdf-icon Climate Action Network International, on behalf of environmental non-governmental organizations (100 kB) Friends of the Earth International, on behalf of environmental non-governmental organizations
pdf-icon Canadian Federation of Agriculture on behalf of farmers non-governmental organization (74 kB) pdf-icon Indigenous People of Africa Coordinating Committee, on behalf A representative on behalf of indigenous peoples organizations (429 kB) pdf-icon ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, on behalf of local government and municipal authorities (216 kB)
pdf-icon Association négaWatt, on behalf of research and independent non-governmental organizations (109 kB) pdf-icon A representative on behalf of trade unions non-governmental organizations (325 kB) pdf-icon Centre for 21st Century Issues, on behalf of women and gender non-governmental organizations (376 kB)
pdf-icon General Secretary of World Council of Churches – WCC on behalf of faith-based non-governmental organizations (198 kB) pdf-icon Avelife, on behalf of youth non-governmental organizations (67 kB)  
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