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Background documents

Regional workshop to promote international collaboration in facilitating preparation, submission and implementation of nationally appropriate mitigation actions
10 - 13 December 2013, Mexico City


pdf-icon Information note (168 kB)


pdf-icon List of participants (130 kB)


pdf-icon Workshop report (331 kB)




 Day 1
 Part I: Context for NAMAs
pdf-icon  Status of negotiations on NAMAs (136 kB) UNFCCC 
 pdf-icon A Regional NAMA  framework for Solar PV
 in the Caribbean
(1267 kB)
 World Bank Institute

 pdf-icon Update in Mexican Policy Development (2372 kB) s (English)

pdf-icon La Política de Cambio Climático y NAMAs
(Acciones nacionales Apropiadas de Mitigación)
(2336 kB)

pdf-icon Costa Rica's NAMA (388 kB)  Costa Rica
 pdf-icon NAMA Agricola (3653 kB)  Costa Rica
pdf-icon Transformational NAMAs: The Colombia Tod example (1670 kB)  CCAP
 Part II: Institutional Arrangements
pdf-icon Institutional arrangements for NAMAs (923 kB) UNDP        
pdf-icon Establishing robust institutional arrangements for NAMAs (2875 kB)                IDB-MIFOMIN                     
pdf-icon Best practices in institutional Arrangements
NAMA-Cafe de Costa Rica
(1440 kB)
Costa Rica
pdf-icon Modelo Sostenible Unico, Investigacion y Produccion (5869 kB) Costa Rica
 pdf-icon Utilizing existing CDM related institutional arrangements (192 kB) Belize
 Day 2
 Part III: Financing and Support
pdf-icon Climate finance initiatives, and sources and instruments for
financing NAMAs
(808 kB)
pdf-icon Designing public and private sector interventions to
mobilize climate compatible investment
(1235 kB)
ODI (via tele-conference)
 pdf-icon The NAMA Facility - Support for the Implementation of  NAMAs (315 kB)                           German and UK Embassies
in Mexico
pdf-icon Attracting private investment through NAMAs:
The role of risk, return and policy design
Part 1: Why and how private investment matters
(1006 kB)
ETH Zurich
pdf-icon Attracting private investment through NAMAs:
The role of risk, return and policy design
Part 2: deep dive into the investor logic
(451 kB)
ETH Zurich
 Case study exercise
 pdf-icon UNDP NAMA Finance Case Study (541 kB)  ETH Zurich                    
pdf-icon Derisking Renewable Energy Investment Framework
and Tool - Guidance document
(128 kB)
 ETH Zurich
 Panel discussion
 pdf-icon Discussion for International  Support for NAMAs and LEDS (489 kB)  IDB
 pdf-icon Support to NAMAs (1452 kB)  UNEP Risoe                       
 pdf-icon Portal Regional par la Transferencia de Tecnologia y la
Accion frente al Cambio Climatico
(2976 kB)

  Day 3

 Part IV: MRV
pdf-icon  CAF's Role in the NAMA Design and ITS Finance (890 kB)  CAF                           
 pdf-icon MRV in the context of UNFCCC (464 kB)  UNFCCC
 pdf-icon Setting up of national MRV systems (1363 kB)  UNEP Risoe
pdf-icon  Building national capacities on MRV of NAMAs (624 kB)  Mexico
 Country presentations
pdf-icon Country experience in setting up national MRV system (300 kB) Uruguay                        
pdf-icon Dominica's NAMA Planning Process (1268 kB)  Dominica
pdf-icon GIZ MRV tool - NAMA Approach (2076 kB)  GIZ
pdf-icon Solar Thermal NAMA in Uruguay (423 kB)  Uruguay
 pdf-icon Brazil's NAMA (1009 kB)  Brazil
 Day 4
 Part V: NAMA Approvers' Forum
pdf-icon  The NAMA registry - NAMA Approvers' Forum (1186 kB)  UNFCCC
pdf-icon The role of the NAMA registry in facilitating mitigations actions and
national level arangements: The Dominican republic Case study
(1076 kB)
 Dominican Republic        
 pdf-icon The NAMA Registry - Roles and Access rights (294 kB)  UNFCCC