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Technical workshop on costs and benefits of adaptation options

Dates: 22-24 June 2010
Madrid, Spain


The SBSTA at its 28th session requested the secretariat to organize, under the guidance of the Chair of the SBSTA and before SBSTA 32 (June 2010), a technical workshop on costs and benefits of adaptation options involving representatives from Parties, relevant organizations, communities and experts with a view to facilitating the identification of appropriate adaptation practices and measures and avoiding maladaptation.

The workshop will take into account:

  • Submissions (available in document FCCC/SBSTA/2009/MISC.9/Rev.1) by Parties and organizations on efforts undertaken, including methods used to assess the costs and benefits of adaptation options, as well as their views on lessons learned, good practices, gaps and needs
  • Synthesis report on efforts undertaken to assess the costs and benefits of adaptation options, and views on lessons learned, good practices, gaps and needs based on above submissions and other relevant sources (FCCC/SBSTA/2010/3)
  • Technical paper reviewing the existing literature on the potential costs and benefits of adaptation options (FCCC/TP/2009/2

The workshop will be held under the area of socio-economic information, under which activities are undertaken with a view to advancing sub-theme a (v) of the Nairobi work programme, “Promoting the availability of information on the socioeconomic aspects of climate change and improving the integration of socio-economic information into impact and vulnerability assessments”.

Agenda and report

pdf-icon Final agenda (163 kB)

pdf-icon List of participants (215 kB)

Summaries of efforts undertaken by Parties and organizations to assess the costs and the benefits of adaptation options

Report on the workshop


Session 1 - Introduction

Presenter Organization Subject
Ms. Annett Möhner UNFCCC
pdf-icon Background on the Nairobi work programme, the context of assessments of costs and benefits of adaptation options and the scope of the workshop (322 kB)
Mr. Paul Watkiss  Watkiss Associates  pdf-icon Overview of the technical paper and the synthesis report (444 kB)

Session 2 - Methodologies


Presenter Party/Organization Subject
Mr. Anil Markandya
Basque Center for Climate Change pdf-icon Main methodological issues, including related to the assessments of costs and the assessments of benefits (411 kB)
Mr. Juan-Carlos Ciscar Spain pdf-icon Assessing costs of climate change impacts and adaptation options: the PESETA project (1915 kB)

Approaches to appraise adaptation options

Presenter Party/Organization Subject
Mr. Michael Mullan United Kingdom pdf-icon Cost-Benefit Analysis (1175 kB)
Mr. Taito Nakalevu Secretariat of the Pacific-Regional Environment Programme pdf-icon Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (567 kB)
Mr. Birama Diarra Mali pdf-icon Multi-Criteria Analysis (560 kB)

Session 3 - Assessments of costs and benefits in different sectors

Group 1:  Agriculture and ecosystem/biodiversity

Presenter Party/Organization Subject
Mr. Xin Ma China pdf-icon A brief introduction of Adapation in China (3451 kB)
Ms. Verónica Gutman Instituto Torcuato di Tella pdf-icon Assessing investment and financial needs for adaptation in the Agriculture and Biodiversity Sectors: experiences in Latin America (140 kB)
Mr. Sergio Margulis World Bank pdf-icon Assessment of Costs and Benefits in Agriculture in Mozambique (589 kB)

Group 2:  Water resources and health

Presenter Party/Organization Subject
Mr. Felix Ankomah Asante Ghana pdf-icon Asessment of Adaptation Options in Ghana: Case Study of the Health Sector (145 kB)
Ms. Irina Atamuradova Turkmenistan pdf-icon Adaptation Costs of "Water facility" Sector under Adverse Climate Change Impacts in Turkmenistan (443 kB)
Mr. Guy Hutton
World Health Organization pdf-icon Protecting Health from Global Climate Change: Economic Analysis to Enhance Policy and Design Support to Member States (423 kB)

Group 3:  Coastal zones, settlements and infrastructure

Presenter Party/Organization Subject
Ms. Sandra Santamaria Rojas Colombia pdf-icon Colombia-Coastal Zones, Settlements and Infrastructure (2907 kB)
Ms. Elena Akentyeva Russian Federation pdf-icon Risk Management and Assessment of Costs and Benefits of Adaptation Options for Selected Economy Sectors in Russian Federation (1650 kB)
Mr. Carlos Fuller
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre pdf-icon Special Adaptation to Climate Change (SPACC) Project-Caribbean (927 kB)


Previous workshops and expert meetings under relevant work areas

Expert meeting on socio-economic information
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 10-12 March 2008

Workshop on adaptation planning and practices
Rome, Italy, 10-12 September 2007 

Additional information

National Economic, Environment and Development Studies (NEEDS) pdf-icon Initial report