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Consultative Group of Experts on National Communications from Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention (CGE)

The CGE is composed of 24 members representing the following: five members each from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean; six members from Annex I Parties; one member each from three international organizations, and one observer representing non-Annex I Parties from Eastern Europe.*


A. Africa Region
  • Ms. Selam Kidane ABEBE (Ethiopia)
  • Mr. Rodrigue ABOUROU OTOGO (Gabon)
  • Mr. Kamel DJEMOUAI (Algeria)
  • Mr. Stephen Mutua KING’UYU (Kenya), CGE Chair
  • Mr. Kanizio Fredrick Kahema Manyika (United Republic of Tanzania)

B. Asia and the Pacific Region
  • Ms. Nouf A. ABURAS (Saudi Arabia)
  • Mr. Ziaul HAQUE (Bangladesh)
  • Mr. Sachidananda SATAPATHY (India), Rappoteur 
  • Mr. Cheah SIN LIANG (Singapore)
  • Mr. Fei TENG (China)

C. Latin America and the Caribbean Region
  • Ms. Mariana KASPRZYK SIERRA (Uruguay)
  • Mr. Thiago DE ARAUJO MENDES (Brazil)
  • Ms. Rhianna M. NEELY (Bahamas)
  • Ms. Tania ZAMORA RAMOS (Peru)
  • Ms. Estefania ARDILA ROBLES (Colombia)

D. Annex I
  • Ms. Laurence AHOUSSOU (Canada)
  • Ms. Ana Maria DANILA (European Union)
  • Mr. Takeshi ENOKI (Japan)
  • Ms. Patricia GROBBEN (Belgium)
  • Ms. Rocio LICHTE (Germany)
  • Ms. Julia MEISEL (USA)

E. Other Organizations
  • Mr. Damiano BORGOGNO (UNDP)
  • Ms. Suzanne LEKOYIET (UNEP)
  • Mr. Kiyoto TANABE (IPCC)

F. Eastern European States (Observer)*

  • Ms. Umayra TAGIYEVA (Azerbaijan)

*COP 19 conclusion, FCCC/CP/2013/10, paragraph 131 and SBI 41 report, FCCC/SBI/2014/21, paragraph 137.


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