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Second meeting of the Adaptation Committee

Bonn, Germany, 5 to 8 March 2013

ImageView webcast (begins 5 March 2013)


Documents prepared for the meeting

pdf-icon Provisional agenda and annotations (357 kB)

(AC/2013/2) Updated 
pdf-icon Information paper on possible cooperation in order to reduce duplication of actions, address gaps and strengthen synergies (504 kB)

(AC/2013/3)  Updated 
pdf-icon Mandates, work plans and decisions under the Convention with adaptation relevance (842 kB)
pdf-icon Draft template for submissions by regional institutions and United Nations agencies on support for adaptation (515 kB)

pdf-icon Background note on the preparation of a list of adaptation experts (558 kB)  

pdf-icon Draft information note for a database or clearinghouse-type mechanism for information related to national adaptation planning (555 kB)  
pdf-icon Draft scoping paper for a workshop on monitoring and evaluation of adaptation (570 kB)  
pdf-icon Summary of outcomes of the work programme on loss and damage (733 kB)
Other relevant documents
pdf-icon 3-year work plan of the Adaptation Committee (142 kB)  
Report of the Adaptation Committee and Corr.1
pdf-icon COP 18 decision on the work of the Adaptation Committee (11 kB)  
Decision pdf-icon 1/CP.16, section II (92 kB) ; decision pdf-icon 2/CP.17, section III (88 kB) and pdf-icon Annex V (57 kB)
Information on observer participation 

The COP, by decision 2/CP.17, decided that the meetings of the Adaptation Committee shall be open to attendance by admitted observer organizations, except where otherwise decided by the Adaptation Committee, with a view to encouraging a balanced representation of observers from Annex I Parties and from non-Annex I Parties.

Notifications for:

are also available on the secretariat website


pdf-icon Outline schedule of the meeting (433 kB)
Introductory overview presentations

pdf-icon Update on progress made on adaptation-related items during COP 18 (184 kB)

pdf-icon Update on work of the LEG: NAP technical guidelines and the NAP common information system (469 kB)

pdf-icon Overview of progress made under the Convention on technologies for adaptation (84 kB)

pdf-icon Update on adaptation-relevant elements of the work plan of the CGE (76 kB)

pdf-icon Overview of adaptation finance in the context of the work programme on long-term finance (262 kB)

Outcomes of breakout group sessions presented for further discussion by the AC

pdf-icon Coherence and collaboration under the Convention (124 kB)

pdf-icon Invitation to regional institutions and UN organizations to communicate adaptation support in developing countries (449 kB)

pdf-icon List of adaptation experts (208 kB)

pdf-icon Communication, information and outreach strategy (1077 kB)

pdf-icon Modalities and guidelines for NAPs for non-LDCs (199 kB)

pdf-icon Workshop on monitoring and evaluation of adaptation (47 kB)

pdf-icon Overview report and other periodic reports (104 kB)

pdf-icon Possible establishment of an annual adaptation forum (233 kB)

pdf-icon Database or clearing house for information on national adaptation planning (119 kB)