UN Climate Change Partnerships

The UN Climate Change secretariat seeks to engage in mutually beneficial, collaborative partnerships with non-Party stakeholders such as states, regions, cities, companies, investors, and citizens. The scale of the responsibilities arising from the implementation of the Paris Agreement provides a unique opportunity for the secretariat to seek support from non-Party stakeholders to promote climate action.

The Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action in particular is designed to enhance coherence in the activities of the various international coalitions, initiatives and organizations with a view to mobilizing climate action up to 2020.

Partner support significantly enhances the work of UN Climate Change. Partnerships offer key resources such as knowledge, expertise, financing, access and outreach that accelerate progress towards UN goals. In recognition of the powerful potential of partnerships, UN Climate Change welcomes the opportunity to engage and collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve the aims and ambitions of the Paris Agreement, Convention and Kyoto Protocol.

A partnership is understood as a voluntary agreement between the secretariat and one or more partner entities, in which participants agree to collaborate in achieving a common goal or undertaking a specific task. This contribution may include any combination of financial, in-kind and knowledge resources, as well as a commitment to share in any potential risks, responsibilities and benefits.

The secretariat is interested in partnering with those organizations whose behaviour demonstrates a willingness to exercise social and environmental responsibility towards global peaking of emissions and enhanced resilience. For more information on the partnership process or to contact us with queries, please refer to the How to Partner section.

We look forward to collaborating with your organization to deliver innovative climate solutions.