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Media Arrangements for High-level Segment

Media accreditation
Please find media accreditation and coordination information below.
Media Accreditation Form for COP 6, The Hague
Media Co-ordination information for COP 6, The Hague
Media Arrangements Letter for COP 6, The Hague

International Media Centre
The International Media Centre (IMC), in the Staten Hall, offers various services to accredited members of the press. The Centre remains open 24 hours a day from 10.00 a.m. on 12 November 2000 until two hours after the close of the Conference on 24 November 2000.

The International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) will close four hours after the end of the Conference. Services are, however, limited daily between midnight and 7.00 a.m.

The International Media Centre (IMC) provides the following facilities (these items link to detailed information below):
1. International Broadcast Center (IBC)
2. Print media facilities
Photographic services and Image Bank
Media Information Desk and Press Documents Counter
International News Wire Services
Press Section
News Panorama

International Broadcasting Centre (IBC)
Forty RTV cubicles of different sizes and with all kinds of technical facilities and commercial services are available. To apply for a cubicle, please address your request to the UNFCCC Media Coordinator. Please find below a detailed list of all RTV services provided at the IBC and the Eurovision rate card.

Writing Press Facilities
Six hundred desks, with three different service levels, are available for the print media:
a. 100 desks each with standard facilities i.e. power point and reading light.
b. 100 desks each with a computer providing direct Internet access and printing facilities.
c. 400 desks each with a modem connection (via a telephone line) and access to telephone, fax, printing and copying facilities. In total 300 analogue and 100 digital telephone lines are available to modem. Please, bring your own (built-in) modem.

Photographic Services and Image Bank
During the conference UNFCCC pictures are taken by the official photographers to the conference, the ENB. These pictures are for use by the media and are free of charge if the source of the pictures is mentioned in the publication. All pictures can be viewed in low resolution and downloaded in high resolution. Click here to go to the
ENB Image Bank.

At the photographic services desk in the Staten Hall in the NCC a full photographic service is offered by Joop van Reeken Studio in cooperation with Minderman Photography. Professional photographers from Joop van Reeken Studio are available for hire for photographic assignments from participants and journalists. Furthermore, professional staff are on hand to scan, store, print or e-mail images for both professional photographers and participants. A large lightbox is available for viewing images and all kinds of photographic supplies are on sale. A price list is added here.

Media Information Desk and Press Documents Counter
The combined UN Media Information Desk and Press Documents Counter is located next to the entrance to the IMC. The media liaison officers serve as prime contact points for members of the press seeking information on the conference proceedings and/or interviews with UN officials or delegates. The desk is also responsible for the distribution of UN press releases, information material and a selected number of conference documents, including the Daily Programme. Texts of speeches will also be distributed at this counter, if delegations provide sufficient copies.

International News Wire Services
The news database of international news wires can be accessed (text only) from several computer terminals which have been set up within the IMC. English, French, German and Spanish services will be available.

This service could only be realized thanks to the help of DPA, AFP and EFE, which have made their databases available free of charge.

The UNFCCC highly appreciates this gesture and expresses its gratitude for this valuable service.

Press Section
COP 6 press briefings and releases are updated on the Press Releases section of the website. These press briefings and releases include statements by the Executive Secretary and the President of the COP.

News Panorama
A large ╬notice board╠ is available for the display of press releases and other relevant information from delegations and accredited NGOs. Please deliver your press information in a suffient number of copies to the Media Information Desk and the officers will display your information at News Panorama.

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