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Observer Organisations
Apart from Parties to the Convention, a number of other organisations actively participate in the climate change process as observers. These include United Nations bodies, specialised agencies and related organisations, accredited intergovernmental organi- sations (IGOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

United Nations
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The full list of the 36 accredited IGOs can be found here.

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There are currently 390 accredited NGOs. The NGOs represent a broad spectrum of interests. To allow effective communication between the Climate Change Secretariat and the NGOs, three broad constituencies are currently defined:

- the business and industry organisations facilitated by the International Chamber of Commerce;

- the environmental groups facilitated by the Climate Action Network; and

- the local governments and municipal authorities facilitated by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.

During a Conference of the Parties, a national NGO is normally identified to facilitate the participation of other interested national organisations and individuals. During COP 6, this will be Milieudefensie


An organisation wishing to be accredited should formally apply to the UNFCCC secretariat and provide official documents proving it is a legally recognised non-profit organisation competent in climate change issues. The Bureau of the COP reviews lists of applicant organisations and submits a recommendation to the COP for approval. Once accredited, an organisation does not need to apply for accreditation for subsequent sessions.

The deadline for accreditation at COP 6 was the 18 September 2000. Approximately 100 organisations have applied for accreditation at COP 6

Special Events

During sessions of the Conference of the Parties and its subsidiary bodies, observer organisations, as well as Parties to the Convention, may request to organise special events or exhibitions in the conference centre. These activities create an informative backdrop to the official meetings, allowing civil society an opportunity to voice their concerns, exchange their experiences and show case their studies to a broad audience.

Please follow the links for more information on:

-Latest Special Events Schedule, as at 23 Nov.

-Latest Exhibits Schedule

-Exhibit Map of Locations

-Special events and exhibits

-Conditions and procedures for organizers of special events

-Information for organisers of special events and exhibits

-Registration Forms for special events and exhibits

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