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Call for inputs on actions undertaken by accredited observer organizations relevant to the Technology Executive Committee in performing its functions (18 June - 31 July 2012, 24:00 GMT)


The COP, by its decision 1/CP.16, requested the Technology Executive Committee (TEC), as one of its functions, to seek cooperation with relevant international technology initiatives, stakeholders and organizations, and to promote coherence and cooperation across technology activities, including activities under and outside the Convention.

The rolling work plan of the TEC for 2012-2013 includes the preparation of an inventory of relevant work of institutions that are active in the area of technology collaboration with a view to informing the work of the TEC.

Call for inputs

The TEC, at its third meeting, agreed to launch a call for inputs on actions undertaken by accredited observer organizations relevant to the TEC in performing its functions. The inventory of actions undertaken by these organizations would provide a basis for the TEC to identify relevant organizations for cooperation.

Observer organizations accredited by the UNFCCC are invited to provide their inputs on actions undertaken by these organizations which are relevant to the TEC in performing its functions by using this template and send it to: tec@unfccc.int.

The call for inputs will be open from 18 June - 31 July 2012 (24:00 GMT). The inputs from this call will be considered at the fourth meeting of the TEC.

Inputs submitted

Date receivedSubmission
30 July 2012 Climate Alliance
30 July 2012 UNEP
31 July 2012 World Intellectual Property Organization
31 July 2012 Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands
31 July 2012 Global Environment Facility
31 July 2012 Business Council for Sustainable Energy
31 July 2012 JIV International
31 July 2012 South Centre
31 July 2012 Tsinghua University
1 August 2012 Asian Development Bank
1 August 2012 International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
1 August 2012 International Energy Agency
1 August 2012 Third World Network
2 August 2012 International Telecommunication Union
6 August 2012 Global CCS Institute
6 August 2012 World Business Council for Sustainable Development
6 August 2012 International Renewable Energy Agency