Submissions on possible activities under strategic workstreams of the five-year rolling workplan

COP 22 approved the indicative framework for the five-year rolling workplan of the Executive Committee as the basis for developing corresponding activities, and invited Parties and relevant organizations to submit, by 28 February 2017, views and relevant inputs on possible activities under each strategic workstream as contained in the framework for the five-year rolling workplan, with a focus on workstreams (5), (6) and (7).

See FCCC/SB/2016/3, Annex I, for the framework for the five-year rolling workplan of the Executive Committee as approved by COP 22.

See Decision 3/CP.22, paragraph 5, for the mandate regarding the submission.

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Submissions received as at 6 May 2017


Date received


6 May 2017


20 Mar 2017

Ethiopia on behalf of the Least Developed Countries Group 

17 Mar 2017

The Maldives on behalf of the Alliance for Small Island States

17 Mar 2017


16 Mar 2017

Mexico on behalf of the Environmental Integrity Group

15 Mar 2017

Republic of Mali on behalf of the African Group of Negotiators

14 Mar 2017


10 Mar 2017


7 Mar 2017

Sri Lanka

6 Mar 2017

State of Kuwait 

28 Feb 2017

Guatemala on behalf of the AILAC Group of Countries

28 Feb 2017

Republic of Malta and the European Commission on behalf of the European Union and its Member States

22 Feb 2017



Date received

Climate Action Network, Bond Development and Environment Group

15 Mar 2017


2 Mar 2017

Munich Climate Insurance Initiative

1 Mar 2017

United Nations University

1 Mar 2017

International Organization for Migration

1 Mar 2017

International Centre for Climate Change and Development

1 Mar 2017

Advisory Group on Climate Change and Human Mobility     

28 Feb 2017

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees                                                                                            

28 Feb 2017

Climate Justice Programme, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Stamp Out Poverty

28 Feb 2017

CARE International 

28 Feb 2017