Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage - Compendium on comprehensive risk management approaches

The Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism is collecting feedback on a draft paper-based compendium on comprehensive risk management approaches.

Should you be interested in providing feedback to the draft compendium, please:

Background information

The Executive Committee decided in February 2016 to develop a paper-based compendium on comprehensive risk management approaches as part of the implementation of its initial two-year workplan (scroll down for details).

The Executive Committee is taking the following process for developing the compendium:

Guidance by the Executive Committee to the UNFCCC secretariat for developing the paper-based compendium:

  • Format: Paper-based compendium, also available electronically
  • Intended audience: Broad (e.g. practitioners, policy-makers, academics, knowledge brokers, etc.) at all levels
  • Content: Short overview and collection of examples (not attempting to draw a comprehensive landscape) at all levels (sub-national, national, regional and international) with geographic representation at global scale
  • Linkages with other activities:

 Action Area 2 of the initial two-year workplan of the Executive Committee

Enhance the understanding of, and promote, comprehensive risk management approaches (assessment, reduction, transfer, retention), including social protection instruments and transformational approaches, in building long-term resilience of countries, vulnerable populations and communities

Activity (a) Identify tools, technologies, good practices and lessons learned, including with respect to policies and data standards, instruments such as insurance and social protection, and transformational approaches, to facilitate comprehensive risk management

Expected result: Identification of good practices and lessons learned