Response measures models - ENTICE-BR


Name and contact of the organization

Department of Public Administration, Center for Environmental Policy Administration, The Maxwell School, Syracuse University

200 Eggers Hall - Syracuse, NY 13244-1090, USA

Tel:  ++01 (315) 443-2482

Fax: ++01 (315) 443-1081

Description of model

ENTICE-BR is a dynamic growth model of the global economy that includes links between economic activity, carbon emissions, and the climate.

The model includes endogenous links between climate policy and energy innovation, making it an appropriate tool for modelling both technological options and economic impacts. 

ENTICE-BR is mainly used for:

  1. analysing the impacts of R&D spending in the energy sector (in particular climate-friendly); 

  2. studying the effects of various climate stabilization policies.

Particular relevance

ENTICE-BR is highly relevant to assessing methods for improving energy efficiency and the development and diffusion of new  technologies.  The model can also be used for assessing the economic effects of such policy.



Model applications

R&D Subsidies and Climate Policy: Is There a 'Free Lunch'? - Using the ENTICE model, the author analyses the effectiveness of  climate-friendly R&D subsidies, both with and without other climate policies, such as a carbon tax (

Organization's main area of research

Environmental economics, economics of technological change, public finance.

Other projects / reseach

Research, including applications of ENTICE-BR (