Response measures models - E3MG


Name and contact of the organization

Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR)

Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge.

19 Silver Street, Cambridge, CB3 9EP, UK

Description of model

E3MG is a sectoral econometric model that has been developed with the intention of analysing long-term energy and environment interactions within the global economy and assessing short and long-term impacts of climate-change policy.  It is very similar to E3ME in structure and closely links economic outcomes with energy policy. 

It has a particular focus on taxes and subsidies, making it highly relevant to analysis of these response measures.  Its global nature also makes it a useful tool for assessing the deployment of new technologies in developing countries.

Particular relevance

E3MG is relevant in assessing the socio-economic impact of climate change mitigation policies on a global level. It is particularly useful in analysing the effects of changes in tax and subsidy policies, as well as analysing technological diffusion in developing countries.


World divided in 20 regions

Model applications

ADAM assessed the trade-offs and conflicts that exist between adaptation and mitigation policies.  As part of the project, E3MG was used to assess the effects of EU climate policies on competitiveness, and growth, allowing for different levels of unemployment in different world regions.  (

Organization's main area of research

To develop strategies, policies and processes that are effective in mitigating human-induced climate change.

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