Workshop on reducing emissions from deforestation

Submissions by Intergovernmental Organizations* (for mandate, please refer to FCCC/SBSTA/2006/11, paragraph 89)

Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) (2120 kB)

International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (138 kB)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (131 kB)

Global Terrestrial Observing System (79 kB)

United Nations Environmental Programme/World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP/WCMC) (194 kB)

United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) (678 kB)

* Submissions by Intergovernmental Organizations will be compiled into a miscellaneous document FCCC/SBSTA/2007/MISC.3 for consideration by SBSTA 26. These submissions have been electronically imported in order to make them available on electronic systems, including the World Wide Web. The secretariat hasmade every effort to ensure the correct reproduction of the texts as submitted.