Webinar on Gender-Sensitive NDCs and Development of Gender Action Plans at Country Levels


The webinar on gender sensitive NDCs and the development of the Gender Action Plan at country level was organised as part a regional research SLYCAN Trust is conducting focusing on identifying gaps and needs in policies for the implementation of NDCs in Nepal, Bangladesh, and in Sri Lanka. The project is conducted in collaboration with Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research, ICCAD and Prakriti Resources Center, the national partners for research activities. 

As part of the knowledge sharing component the project has been organising a webinar series on different thematic issues related to NDC implementation, and climate policy development. Given gender is among the key themes of focus of the research, the webinar aims to create awareness on the need for gender sensitive and gender responsive climate policies and laws, and the best means for introducing Gender Action Plans at country level. 

Thursday, 15 August 2019.

Time: 14:00 CEST / 17:30 IST

If you missed the event or you want to see it again, the recorded video is available here>>>




Webinar flyer
webinar gender sensitive NDCs poster Fleur Newman