Gender and Climate Change - Side-Events - 2015


Adapting and building resilience to climate change in mountain communities

How can the Mountain Partnership bolster resilience to climate change in mountain regions?

National Approaches to Mitigating Climate Change and Advancing Gender Equality
Concrete national strategies proven effective in gender-responsive climate action (Liberia, Peru, Finland, others)

Gender just climate solutions

Concrete cook stove solutions and other household energy solutions

Global Women & Indigenous Peoples on the Frontline of Climate Solutions: Forests & Renewable Energy

Present the Sarayaku people of Ecuador’s "Living Forest" proposal, highlighting Amazonian indigenous solutions

Reality check: How UNFCCC tools, guidance, finance and cooperation support gender policy on the ground

Parties and experts explore how recommendations from a recent Expert Group Meeting on implementing gender-responsive climate policy

Momentum for Change: Women for Results

Shows how women are leading the way on climate action worldwide

Youth Empowerment for Climate Action - The Global Challenges (GloCha) Action Network and partners

At the event there have been presented innovative concepts, tools and campaigns that provide young people with opportunities and resources for meaningful and rewarding participation in globally coordinated local multistakeholder action for the climate and for sustainable development.

Food security at 1.5° or beyond: Paris action for rights-based adaptation finance and L&D

Experience in tackling food and nutrition security through gender-equitable adaptation

Fair Low/Zero Carbon & 100% RE Strategies, South & North Countries, Villages,

incl Women Initiatives

Showcase low and zero emission strategies and scenarios with 100% renewables, women's initiatives and eco-village (Europe, Africa and South Asia)

Women at the front line of climate change take action for system change

There’s no sign that the Paris outcome will deliver systems change

Young and Future Generations Day - Intergenerational Inquiry & results of the Conference of Youth

Join Ms. Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary and Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi, Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, in celebrating the power of youth in climate change.

Justice and Future Generations: Achieving Intergenerational Equity in Paris and Beyond

Young experts from around the world will share their work and perspectives on the topic of Intergenerational Equity in the context of climate change

Women's Perspectives on Just Climate Policy: COP21 and Beyond

Regional perspectives from women's rights activists on key elements to ensure just climate action for women and men

Women’s Leadership in Climate Diplomacy Networking Reception

Communicating Climate Change and the post2015 Agenda: The 2015 Global Challenges Youth Music Contest

Innovative approaches to engage youth and broadcast media in climate change science and policy communication.

COP21: Women’s Pavilion/ ‘Gender-Just Solutions Exhibition’