Gender and Climate Change - Side-Events - 2012


Change we can believe in: Countries making a difference through gender-responsive cc frameworks

Showcasing innovative gender-responsive climate change frameworks

Interview with Sergio Zelaya, Coordinator of the Policy, Advocacy and Global Issues of the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Interview with Liane Schalatek, Associate Director of the Heinrich Böel Stiftung North America

Interview with Francois Rogers, Special Advisor , IUCN Global Gender Office, International Union for Conservation of Nature

African Youth Forum on Climate Change:Mobilizing African Youths on reasons for planting trees
Lessons learnt from Amuwo Odofin Council,Lagos, where over 12,000 trees were planted and nurtured in a year and other African countries.Trees reduce CO2,Produce O2,Grow more food:natural fertilizer,preserve water supply,prevent desertification,resist coastal erosion,preserve biodiversity,etc.

Gender and Climate Innovation: Breakthrough Changes for Gender Equality

Collaborative gender event to bring about innovative ideas for change.

Gender and Climate: Moving beyond the Rhetoric

Interactive dialogue on gender and climate change

Mediation and Climate Change: Applications Both Locally and Globally
This session will apply to those interested in climate change, gender, indigenous peoples, asymmetric negotiations, and local/regional disputes.

Climate change and education - making the future work for you
Rio+20 reaffirmed that we need to embark on a more sustainable development path. To achieve this we need to change how we think and act, develop and implement educational and training programmes, and have our youth engage in these programs in order to secure green jobs and a green economy.    

Interview with Nathalie Eddy Coordinator from the Global Gender and Climate Alliance