Gender and Women Events at COP21


Women and Gender Events, Meetings and Exhibitions at COP 21/CMP 11

UNFCCC Gender Day

Rio Conventions Gender Day

Other Gender Events

UNFCCC Gender Day – 8 December

While the impacts of climate change are often experienced differently by men and women, with women disproportionately affected due to differing gender roles and existing gender inequalities, at the half way point of the Lima work programme on gender, Gender Day at COP 21/CMP 11 is firmly focused on women’s role as leaders, innovators, and change agents in addressing climate change.

Information on all side events being held in the Le Bourget Conference Centre (blue zone) throughout the two week period, including other events addressing gender, women and climate change can be found here. A complete list and more detail, including exact times, on the programme of events in the Climate Generations Areas can be found here.

Le Bourget Conference Centre *
(blue zone: accreditation required)

Climate Generations Areas
(civil society zone: no accreditation required)

08:00-10:00 Network of Women Ministers and Leaders for Environment breakfast meeting. UNEP. Contact: Ms. Janet Macharia

11:30-13:00 Gender just climate solutions: Women and men from around the world present their good practices and their roles in sustainable local economies and climate solutions. Concrete cook stove solutions and other household energy solutions, including best practice award and recommendations for the new agreement. WEP, WECF, WEDO. Contact: Ms. Bridget Burns

13:15-14:45 Reality check – how tools, guidance, finance and cooperation under the UNFCCC support implementation of gender- responsive policy on the ground: Parties and experts will explore how (and how much) recommendations from the Expert Group Meeting, that builds on a UNFCCC workshop (June 2015) on gender-responsive climate policy, and a recently launched tool kit on gender-responsive National Communications, can support and enhance implementation of policies and action at the regional, national and local levels. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss and identify the possible way forward. UNFCCC. Contact: Ms. Fleur Newman

15:00-16:30 Global Women & Indigenous Peoples on the Frontline of Climate Solutions: Forests & Renewable Energy.
Examining WECAN’s Women’s Climate Action Agenda, a climate justice blueprint for our path forward; present the Sarayaku people of Ecuador’s "Living Forest" proposal, highlighting Amazonian indigenous solutions; and showcase women as agents of change in transitioning to 100% renewable energy. WECC. Ms. Wyolah Garden

16:45-18:15 From Global Commitments to Local Action: National Approaches to Mitigating Climate Change and Advancing Gender Equality: High-level event in which concrete national strategies proven effective in gender-responsive climate action will be discussed, particularly those that ensure women’s rights, roles and perspectives influence equitable policies and initiatives and enhance the achievement of co-benefits. IUCN. Contact: Ms. Lorena Aguilar

 18:30-20:00 Momentum for Change – Women for Results special event and launch of IUCN gender and climate change publication

This 90-minute event at COP 21/CMP 11 will provide a forum to discuss the role of women in addressing climate change and to show how women are leading the way on climate action worldwide. The event is divided into two segments: a high-level segment that will feature a thought-leadership discussion and a showcasing segment that will demonstrate on-the-ground climate action led by women. UNFCCC. Mr. Luis Davila and Ms. Sarah Marchildon
Room: Climate Change Arena (Press Conference Room 1)


  • Forest, Lands, Oceans, for the People, for the Climate. WWF 

  • Promoting low-carbon development pathways in favor of gender equality

  • Challenging stereotypes: women’s innovative involvement against climate change with ICTs

  • Links, cross-cutting and common elements between climate change and the SDGs

  • Reaching the most vulnerable: practical approaches to support both gender equality and community-based adaptation in Africa and Asia


  • Rural women of Latin America: an agenda to face climate change

  • Amazon protected areas: natural solutions to climate change

  • Women, the first environment of the human being, and the safeguarding of the planet

  • Don't nuke the climate: how women are affected

  • Leadership in Climate Resilience: Real World Adaptation Measures that Save Lives

  • Moving beyond business as usual: shifting the Green Climate Fund (GCF) toward climate justice and true transformation

13:30 - 16:30

Women & Gender Constituency: Policy & Action for a Just World - Salle 4
3-hour interactive event to showcase the linkages between gender and climate change; to highlight a narrative for system change; and to hear from women’s rights activists from around the world highlighting their solutions, movement building and activism. Speakers include: Ulrike Roehr, Kate Lappin, Titi Sorentoro, Sabine Bock, Ursula Rokova, Flavia Cherry, Alina Saba, Tess Vistro Reem, Gotelind Alber


  • Human Rights and Climate Change: Meeting of perspectives

  • Gender equality and climate change: promoting an integrated approach to achieve fair and sustainable development

  • Environment, water, women and emancipation in Senegal

  • The inner dimensions of climate change: spiritual perspectives

*All side events on Gender Day in the Le Bourget Conference Centre (excluding the breakfast meeting and the Momentum for Change Event) are scheduled to be held in Observer Room 1. However, room numbers are subject to change.

Rio Conventions Pavilion

Gender Day @ Rio Conventions Pavilion
Climate Generations Areas
9 December 2015
11:00 – 18:30

A Look Ahead to Achieving Agenda 2030:
Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in the Face of Environmental Change


Filling in the Blanks: Building the Evidence Base on Gender and Environmental Sustainability




Focusing on Results: Bringing Forward Policy Actions and Sharing Experiences from the Field on Gender and Land Rights
Speakers: UNCCD, INWF




Addressing Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction through a Gender Lens, Perspectives from the Field
Speakers: CBD, CIFOR, CSOs




Exploring Synergies in the Rio Conventions to support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

Other gender events and meetings

Daily Women and Gender Constituency Pavilion in the Climate Generations Areas
The full list of other Women and Gender Constituency events are available here
The winners of WEDO's 'Art & Activism' competition are showcased in the 'Art Exhibition' space of the WGC Pavilion and can also be found here

9:00–10:00 DAILY

Daily Women's Caucus in Observer Room 9. Open to All. Details available at

8:00–9:00, 1 December

Troika+ of Women Leaders on Gender and Climate Change meeting (by invitation)

13:30-14:45, 2 December 2015
(light lunch provided at 13:15)

Special Event: Gender at the Heart of Climate Action. This interactive event aims at generating new drives for putting gender equality and gender responsiveness in the heart of the new climate agreement and climate action. Speakers: Minister Liliane Ploumen (Netherlands), Mrs. Mary Robinson (Mary Robinson Foundation), Mrs. Lakshmi Puri (UN Women), Mrs. Stella Gama (Malawi delegation), Mrs. Preeti Srivastav. Place: Netherlands Climate Pavilion (Hall 3)

12:15-13:15, 3 December

Smart Climate Policy – Learning from Local Gender Responsive Climate Action: share Indigenous People and Local Communities gender-responsive climate experiences in the areas of adaptation, mitigation, finance and/or technology: UNDP. Place: Rio Conventions Pavilion

17:30-19:00. 8 December

Strengthening climate policies through the Convention’s reporting tools: National Communications and Biennial Update Reports”, this session includes the launch of the Gender Responsive National Communications Toolkit: UNDP. Place: Rio Conventions Pavilion

18:00-18:30, 8 December

Press Conference: "Gender Day: Solutions and Action", launching Gender Day and highlighting key solutions

10:00, 4 December

Societal Benefits of Renewables hosted by REN21.  Place: German Pavilion

10:00-16:00, 8 December

Women: Active and engaged in the fight against climate change. Place: Morocco Pavilion