International Gender Champions


International Gender Champions Bonn-Berlin a work in progress

UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Ms Patricia Espinosa, announced on 8 May 2017 that she has become an International Gender Champion and in doing so, is founding the Bonn-Berlin chapter of the network. Ms Espinosa has affirmed her commitment to the International Gender Champions Panel Parity Pledge and is undertaking two additional commitments to advance gender equality within the secretariat as an organization, and in its support to the intergovernmental process.

"It is time for everyone in every part of the world to take personal responsibility for meeting the gender equality goal. That is why I have committed to this network of inspiring leaders", explained Ms Espinosa.

The Bonn-Berlin chapter was formally launched during COP 23 in Bonn in November 2017. In her interim period, Ms Espinosa invited senior leaders from government, international organisations, civil and private sectors based in Bonn and Berlin to join her in becoming an International Gender Champions.

What is International Gender Champions initiative?

International Gender Champions is a network of senior leaders working to advance gender equality in the executive management of their institutions and in their programmatic work through concrete and measurable commitments. Find out more about Champions in Geneva and New York here.

What is the International Gender Champions Panel Parity Pledge?

It is a practical instrument to foster gender parity in the substantive and expert exchanges at the core of International Organisations work. Find out more here.

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