Lights, Camera, Bonn!

2017 Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change

The third edition of the Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change continues to share inspiring stories of young people around the globe acting to combat climate change. The competition was launched by the UN Climate Change secretariat’s “Action for Climate Empowerment” (ACE) initiative, in partnership with the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme, which is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and Television for the Environment (tve).

Winners of the 2017 Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change

Two young climate activists from India and Morocco were selected as the winners of the 2017 competition, out of 247 videos submitted from 94 different countries.

Adarsh Prathap was the winner from India for the category "Oceans and climate change”, with the video “Let mangroves recover”. The video underlines the importance of mangroves and shows how their conservation can save thousands of lives.

Younes Lamsaoui from Morocco won the category “Climate friendly and resilient cities”, with the production “Turning green”. The video highlights how Marrakech, or the “red city”, is responding to the challenges of climate change and how he is contributing to this transition.

Youth Climate Report GIS Map

The map below is part of the Youth Climate Report film project that has been providing a voice for global youth to the COP climate conferences since 2011. The map was created by Mark Terry, a PhD candidate at York University in Toronto, Canada, as a digital archive of global youth initiatives and climate research. The map is added to every year and serves as a platform to showcase climate action being taken by youth all around the world. Entries from the competition can be observed on the map.