Youth at UNFCCC Conferences

Young and Future Generations Day

Young and Future Generations Day is a non-stop celebration of youth power and participation at United Nations climate change conferences. Youth-led side events, workshops and festivities take place throughout the day, with a continuous stream of creative actions that prove young people are key players in reaching innovative and ambitious solutions on climate change. More>>

Intergenerational Inquiry on Climate Change

This event is a highlight of Young and Future Generations Day. It usually attracts hundreds of youth delegates from around the world, who come together with the UNFCCC Executive Secretary, key negotiators, scientists and other high-level representatives to discuss a variety of issues, including the role and importance of young people in the UNFCCC process. Agenda

High Level Youth Briefings

A series of intimate and interactive briefings geared specifically towards youth takes place during United Nations climate change conferences. This is a chance for youth delegates to get direct access to high-level representatives – such as the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, the Chairs of negotiating bodies and the COP Presidency, just to name a few. Each briefing lasts 30 minutes with most of the time devoted to candid questions from young people.

UN Youth Booth

This exhibition booth is hosted by the United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change and allows participating United Nations agencies and youth organizations to showcase their work. Volunteers from the youth constituency are invited to staff the booth and answer questions from delegates. The booth is also a hub for young people, who often use it as a meeting place and to post information on YOUNGO’s daily activities.

Youth Activities at SBs in Bonn, Germany

During SBs, YOUNGO representatives have the opportunity to meet with UNFCCC Executive Secretary, SBI and SBSTA Chairs, and to pose questions on several key issues relating to the current climate negotiation. Youth and youth participation has to positively contribute to the debate on climate change issues.

UNFCCC Conferences



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