Youth for Climate Action

The world needs leadership on climate change and young people are stepping up to the challenge! Learn how young people, together with the UN system, are playing a key role both in the intergovernmental climate change negotiations and in their communities – helping all of us change the way we live and do business.

Youth in Action

Young people around the world are taking action on climate change



Publications and other resources by and for young people


Youth at UNFCCC Conferences

Youth activities and events at United Nations climate change conferences


Good Practices

Concrete examples of youth activities taking place on local, national and international levels



UN organizations and other entities partnering on youth action


Conference of Youth

Information about the annual Conference of Youth



Youth Climate Report 2016 Geographic Information System Map

The Youth Climate Report film project presents a new digital portal showcasing climate action from all over the world. Youth Climate Report gives youth a voice at the high level climate change policy discussions. The videos are featured in the map below, which was created by Mark Terry from York University. The project is supported by the UNFCCC as well as by UNEP.