Public Awareness, Participation and Access to Information

Get inspired with concrete examples that show what governments, local councils, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders have been doing to strengthen education and training on climate change, both locally and regionally.

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Regional area


‘A world you like’: The European Commission’s Public Communication Campaign on Climate Change

The European Commission


Public awareness, Public participation; Youth; Campaigns; Climate action; Outreach

Greenworkplaces Projects in the United Kingdom

The Trade Union Congress, United Kingdom


Public awareness; Public participation; Workplace practices; Climate action

Accessing Information on Climate Change in Sweden

The Environmental Action Programme, Sweden


Training; Media; Public awareness; Adaptation; Capacity-building

Climate Literacy in the United States of America

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States of America

North America

Public access to information; Public awareness; Climate literacy; Outreach

The World Wide Views Citizen Consultations

Partners in the World Wide Views Alliance


Citizen participation; Empowerment; Democratic governance; Education; Capacity building; Outreach