Training African Journalists across the Continent

An informed, analytical press corps can be instrumental in educating the population on meeting the challenge of adapting to climate change.
In recognition of this, The United Nations Development Programme’s Africa Adaptation Programme’s (AAP) Media Capacity Building Project (MCBP) was created to increase the capacity of African journalists and the wider media community across 20 participating countries to understand and report on climate change, thereby fostering greater and improved climate change-related coverage.   

More than 420 print, broadcast and web-based journalists from across Africa were trained by the MCBP through four regional workshops, 20 national workshops and a final ‘training of trainers’ workshop.

In addition to equipping the journalists to cover climate change more effectively, the project led to enhanced capacity of the media in every AAP country to interpret and report on the intersection of climate change and development, with the prospect of better-informed public debate and policy making as a result.

Organization: United Nations Development Programme, The Africa Adaptation Programme
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