Developing Educational Material on Climate Change: Malawi’s Experience

An educational poster on climate change was developed in Malawi and distributed to all primary schools in the country. The poster, which is centered on the message “Climate change is real: Act Now,” aims to raise children’s awareness about climate change impacts in Malawi.

The poster provides illustrated examples of concrete adaptation and mitigation actions that could be taken by pupils and comprises three sections:

- human activities that influence climate change
- negative effects and impacts of climate change
- learner actions

The poster was designed during a workshop attended by 12 professionals from the MIE, the Environmental Affairs Department, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. Teachers were trained on the use of the posters to ensure proper uptake of the intended message. The poster project was implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management

To complement the poster, the Government of Malawi published a ‘Climate Change Sourcebook for Primary School Teachers’ in support of its National Climate Change Learning Strategy, developed under the UN CC:Learn Partnership. The sourcebook promotes the integration of climate change education into schools with the goal of shifting an entire young generation of Malawians toward climate-friendly practices.

Organization: The Malawi Institute for Education, Malawi
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