Lights, Camera, Paris!

2015 Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change                         

The 2015 Global Youth Video Competition shined a light on real-world examples of young people across the globe working together to create a more sustainable future. Youth have a pivotal role to play in tackling climate change: they are creative, intelligent, enthusiastic and resourceful. The competition explored creative ways to encourage further youth participation and to connect them to a global audience.

The Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change is a joint initiative between the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the UNDP GEF-Small Grants Programme, the United Nations Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth, and Climate Change, and Television for the Environment (tve).

Winners of the 2015 Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change

Two young climate leaders were selected as the winners of the 2015 Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change out of 135 videos submitted from 60 different countries.

Ms. Saraswati Upadhaya from Nepal submitted her video titled “Small Efforts for Big Change”which shows the vulnerability of regions in Nepal which are confronted with the impacts of climate change, such as diminishing water supplies. The video highlights strategies being taken by local communities to deal with these problems.

Mr. Charles Batte from Uganda created a video showcasing “Tree Adoption Uganda.” A project which highlights climate action being taken by individual companies who sponsor the planting of trees. The tree plantings also provide employment for youth in the local communities.

Youth Climate Report GIS Map

The map below is part of the Youth Climate Report film project that has been providing a voice for global youth to the COP climate conferences since 2011. The map was created by Mark Terry, a PhD candidate at York University in Toronto, Canada, as a digital archive of global youth initiatives and climate research. The map is added to every year and serves as a platform to showcase climate action being taken by youth all around the world. Entries from the competition can be observed on the map.