Second meeting of the Durban Forum: presentations by panelists

Day 1



Welcoming remarks
(73 kB)
Richard Kinley, UNFCCC Deputy Executive Secretary


Objectives of the 2nd meeting of the Durban Forum
(76 kB)
Tomasz Chruszczow, Chair of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation and Chair of the 2nd meeting of the Durban Forum


Introductory remarks by the co-facilitators
Kishan Kumarsingh (Trinidad and Tobago)

Building capacity for mitigation


Kenyan Climate Innovation Centre: how to accelerate locally owned and developed solutions to climate change (1405 kB)
Ben Good


The UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Programme: A global initiative to support mitigation action - LEDS, NAMAs & MRV (620 kB)
Cristina Colon


Global Environment Facility: Integration of Capacity Building Elements in Mitigation Projects (620 kB)
Chiz Aoki


Building Capacity for Low Emission Development through the LEDS Global Partnership and the Enhancing Capacity for LEDS program (858 kB)
Alexia C. Kelly

Building capacity on gender and climate change linkages


Building Capacity of the Stakeholders for the Formulation of Climate Change Gender Action Plan (ccGAP) in Nepal (1327 kB)
Meena Khanal

Building capacity for adaptation


Capacity Building for Adaptation: Fostering an Enabling Environment Assessing Infrastructure Vulnerability to Climate Change (1666 kB)
Darrel Danyluk & David Lapp


Building Climate Resilience in Nepal: Integrating Climate Change into Poverty Reduction (1588 kB)
Batu Krishna Upreti & Lava KC


Building capacity for Adaptation - The Direct Access experience of the Adaptation Fund (782 kB)
Daouda Ndiaye

Wrap up Day 1


General views on Day 1


Remarks by the co-facilitators

Day 2

Capacity-building for the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol


Strengthening institutional, systemic and individual capacity for a successful development and implementation of CDM projects in Uganda
(496 kB) Paul Isabirye, Uganda


The impact of the Nairobi Framework and Regional Collaboration Centres on the development of CDM projects
(213 kB) Conor Barry, UNFCCC secretariat

Overview of capacity-building elements in the work of bodies established under the Convention and its Kyoto Protocol


Griffin Thompson, Chair, Advisory Board of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (627 kB)


 Antonio Pflüger, Chair, Technology Executive Committee - Statement (80 kB)


Peer Stiansen, Chair, Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (215 kB)

 Wrap up Part II and closure

 of the 2nd meeting of the Durban Forum


17.50 – 18.00


Final remarks by the Chair (74 kB)