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Call for submissions by the Paris Committee on Capacity-building (PCCB)


The capacity-building portal is a web-based tool that emerged from the different key milestones related to capacity-building under the UNFCCC process. The basis for the identification of needs and creating an overview of existing activities, such as the capacity-building portal for developing countries, emerged from decision 2/CP.7. In line with that mandate, in 2012 the capacity-building portal was developed, taking into consideration the need for an overview of activities and the intention to gather information on capacity-building support provided to developing countries.

The capacity-building portal is an interactive tool that collects, compiles and disseminates country-driven information and allows the display of information from the submissions of the non-Party stakeholders that support the capacity and ability of developing countries at the national and regional levels in accordance with the provisions of the Convention (Paris Agreement, Article 11, paragraph 2).

This portal is under continuous development and evolves depending on mandates, feedback from stakeholders and the availability of resources. It contains some of the existing information on capacity-building activities and displays information submitted since 2008 by non-Party stakeholders, for instance United Nations organizations, specialized agencies and the operating entities of the Financial Mechanism. The information is submitted in accordance with the 15 priority areas for capacity-building identified in the annex to decision 2/CP.7. In this context, it is worthwhile noting that many areas for capacity-building identified under the Convention are also relevant to the preparation of Parties with economies in transition for participation under the guidance of the Kyoto Protocol (decision 3/CP.7, paragraph 3).

At the twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties, Parties decided to extend the call for submissions on capacity-building activities to be uploaded onto the capacity-building portal to multilateral organizations and relevant admitted observer organizations engaged in providing capacity-building support to developing countries. To capture existing information, the secretariat has launched a process, pursuant to decision 16/CP.22, paragraph 9, to annually release an information note for non-Party stakeholders engaged in providing capacity-building support to developing countries to submit information to be uploaded onto the capacity-building portal more>>

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